How Do You Light Your Shadow?

How Do You Light Your Shadow?

(c) Leo G Campbell       7/8/2017      4/13/2017

How Do You Light Your Shadow?

Do You Vanquish It Away –


Ask – For More? They

– Shadows That Come

– Where & From

– Already

Absolutely Are…

Done. Whatever… But From

Whence, Do These –

Or Those, There –

These – Such

Already Done

Shadows, Come?



‘N Whut For… Do I Say

– Shadows Are

In Today To


My Shadow Is –

– A New Shadow


– EveryPerson

– Humanity –

Takes – & Replaces,

Becomes To – Mebbe Has… Then

When Wham –

As If God Something –

Has Charge –

There, Here, &

There Again. Here, Also Are

Behind Around, From &


To Be A Shadow To –

All Are We Be 2 2

Three Are

Do We See Here

The Light Brought

To Shadows’n How

Do You Light Your Shadow?


Does God Have A Shadow?

God Bless Me & Screw You

God Bless Me & Screw You

(c) Leo G Campbell       7/8/2020

God Bless Me & Screw You

Foundling Raven


– “Don’t Be A Jerk    Death Is Always Only A Quirk”  –

Oooh… a La La la

– “Death Is Only Broke Of Heart Heat Stroke – ”

– “Did Not See’m Seemed T’ Swish By ”

– “Mean Jewish Was A Fun Guy”

“Death Is Only A Joke”

“Dead Guy Drinking A Coke”

“Trump Suck Dick Shit”

How’s Your Habit Trump


Gett’n It On

Dead… In Trump His


Abandoned Prez Rump

Scribe I Can… & Poetry

Scribe I Can… & Poetry

(c) Leo G Campbell       7/8/2020

Scribe I Can…

– Realize It

– Remember It

– Write it Down

& Poetry I Can…

Ohh Ahh Et Ree

– Synergy In Motion  –

Becomes Us… Humans…

Can Angels Poetry? Nah

Angels Messenger   Hah

SomeTimes Rhymes Stun

Try Describing A

Japanese Setting Sun… To

Your Woman

Crash Around In Your Head

Shrieking Crying

To Be Dead Never Trying

Such’d Put


Outa Touch Dying

As It Is Worth To

You  Me

Out Of Control Facebook

Out Of Control Facebook

(c) Leo G Campbell       7/8/2020

Out Of Control Facebook

CEO Mark Zuckerberg –

How Old Does He Look… 16 Years?

Staff Says Hides From Making Decisions…

Audited Now By ACLU & Civil Rights Law Firm…

At Facebook’s Request ! !

“Vexing, Heartbreaking“:

– “Facebook Continues Posting Trump’s Hate

And Violent Speeches, Voter Suppression

– “Facebook Exempts Politicians From


– “Facebook Far Too Reluctant To Adopt

Strong Rules To Limit Misinformation

& Trump’s “Fake News”

Believe If You Can

Never Buy a Used Car

From Zuckerman… Net Worth Is

$ 54 Billion $…

Mark Z You’re Accountable To God…


Cannot Love $ Money $ AND God ! !