How Do You Light Your Shadow?

How Do You Light Your Shadow?

(c) Leo G Campbell       7/8/2017      4/13/2017

How Do You Light Your Shadow?

Do You Vanquish It Away –


Ask – For More? They

– Shadows That Come

– Where & From

– Already

Absolutely Are…

Done. Whatever… But From

Whence, Do These –

Or Those, There –

These – Such

Already Done

Shadows, Come?



‘N Whut For… Do I Say

– Shadows Are

In Today To


My Shadow Is –

– A New Shadow


– EveryPerson

– Humanity –

Takes – & Replaces,

Becomes To – Mebbe Has… Then

When Wham –

As If God Something –

Has Charge –

There, Here, &

There Again. Here, Also Are

Behind Around, From &


To Be A Shadow To –

All Are We Be 2 2

Three Are

Do We See Here

The Light Brought

To Shadows’n How

Do You Light Your Shadow?


Does God Have A Shadow?


Memory Of The Lost

Memory Of The Lost

(c) Leo G Campbell       9/20/2018

Memory Of The Lost

Those Past

Gone Awhile Until

Resurrection With

The Christ – I…

We Remember Them

As I Was, They Were


Memory Of The Lost


Shall Bless You

Do I – Get Paid Only, Just – Bye The Hour

Do I – Get Paid Only, Just –

Bye The Hour

Leo G Campbell       9/19/2018

Do I Get Paid, Only Just –

Bye The Hour

Unteel I Get

Unn-Hook’d From –

Th’ Dollar Dollah

& I Be Dropped Flopp’d Down –


Makes Me – Stop ‘N Watch

As I – Loook To The

Exactly – My Winda – So I See


Zip Ah La

Passed Past

Zippie Do Dah


I’ve Got Good Days & Bad

I’ve Got Good Days & Bad

(c) Leo G Campbell       9/19/2018

I’ve Got Good Days & Bad

Times Best I – Ever Had


Bester Ever I Go Try…

I Git Up – Crying

“Saddle Up Then Loook… Out”

See All – A Round

Taking Good Look @ TooDay… IEyeEeee

TooDay – Wuz Good…

Bestter Ever – Than Yester Day…




Gett’n By Try’n To

Gett’n By Try’n To

(c) Leo G Campbell      9/18/2018

Gett’n By Try’n To

Look Over

Amuss Amuckk Me O Do I

Give… Oh Si

Gott’n By Try’n To

Get Realer Than Real

I Loook Ova Where…

Love Loving Lovers

Oughta Be A _

Thrill So Said


The Fool… On Th’ That

There… Hill

Gettn Bye Er Try’n Too

Getn By Tryn To

Neil Young Played At – My Funeral

Neil Young Played At – My Funeral

(c) Leo G Campbell       6/29/2018

Neil Young Played At – My Funeral

Neil’s High… Near… A Falsetto… Of

Melodies Keep Drifting, Love

Telling – People Stories Neil Young

My Fond Canadian

Caucasian So, “Cadadeienne”

Pleeze May I – Mebbe I

Can Pass On – Good News – To Th’ People

Acting Dead At My Funeral While Whilst

Neil Young Plowed

& Played On

At My Funeral on…