How Do You Light Your Shadow?

How Do You Light Your Shadow?

(c) Leo G Campbell       7/8/2017      4/13/2017

How Do You Light Your Shadow?

Do You Vanquish It Away –


Ask – For More? They

– Shadows That Come

– Where & From

– Already

Absolutely Are…

Done. Whatever… But From

Whence, Do These –

Or Those, There –

These – Such

Already Done

Shadows, Come?



‘N Whut For… Do I Say

– Shadows Are

In Today To


My Shadow Is –

– A New Shadow


– EveryPerson

– Humanity –

Takes – & Replaces,

Becomes To – Mebbe Has… Then

When Wham –

As If God Something –

Has Charge –

There, Here, &

There Again. Here, Also Are

Behind Around, From &


To Be A Shadow To –

All Are We Be 2 2

Three Are

Do We See Here

The Light Brought

To Shadows’n How

Do You Light Your Shadow?


Does God Have A Shadow?


Freedom – Is When You Got To Nothing Left To Live For

Freedom – Is When You Got To Nothing Left To Live For 

(c) Leo G Campbell        1/2/2019

Freedom Is When You Got To Nothing To Live For

Okay Free

Elvis Said:

“When You Say,



Do Not Understand… They


You Are



Or… ?

Freedoms Got Nothing Left

To Stand

Eddy Sullyvan

Brinng… In Th… Band


As You Grow, Change –

As You Grow, Change

(c) Leo G Campbell       12/28/2018       1/5/2018

As You Grow, Change

Something’s There To –

As You Grow, Change

Rearrange – In You

Becoming Better

Serving God

Serving You



To Serve God

Inna Better Way –

Inna Better –

God To Choose


Way Okay

Serving God

Serving You

Who I Is… Was I Wuz I… Done

Who I Is… Was I Wuz I… Done

(c) Leo G Campbell       12/26/2018

Who I Is… Was I Wuz I… Done


T For You I

Be… A’ Pissing Down


Sledge Hammer’n

Down On –

Into Yer – Pock’d – E T

O Ye Be ? E.T.? Again?

Ta See Ya

There’s Ya Where Ya

Wanta Shoulda

Would ‘sa Be…

Ah, Ya

Ta See, Ya


Don’ Call Home

Put Christ Back Into – Christmas

Put Back Christ Into – Christmas

(c) Leo G Campbell       12/26/2018

Put Christ Back Into – Christmas

No “Merry”,

At All – In..

Christmas: Put Christ Back

Into: “Christmas Mass & Then”:

Into Christmas. Amen.

Have A:

– Happy Christmas

– Holy Christmas

You… Decide To –

Put The Christ Back Into Christmas.



My Next Five Minutes, That

My Next Five Minutes, That

(c) Leo G Campbell       12/24/2018

My Next Five Minutes, That

I Know Not – Which A Way

To Go? Oh

Round & Round I, O…

Proceed Into…

My Next Five Minutes Flat,


I Have

Is Bringing

My Next Reality… To Mee…

I Go, Try To Be…

On My Own, To –

Have A Say

My Way With Words… Oh

John Lennon, Said:

“I’m Not Insane – I’m Not Alone”