How Do You Light Your Shadow?

How Do You Light Your Shadow?

(c) Leo G Campbell       7/8/2017      4/13/2017

How Do You Light Your Shadow?

Do You Vanquish It Away –


Ask – For More? They

– Shadows That Come

– Where & From

– Already

Absolutely Are…

Done. Whatever… But From

Whence, Do These –

Or Those, There –

These – Such

Already Done

Shadows, Come?



‘N Whut For… Do I Say

– Shadows Are

In Today To


My Shadow Is –

– A New Shadow


– EveryPerson

– Humanity –

Takes – & Replaces,

Becomes To – Mebbe Has… Then

When Wham –

As If God Something –

Has Charge –

There, Here, &

There Again. Here, Also Are

Behind Around, From &


To Be A Shadow To –

All Are We Be 2 2

Three Are

Do We See Here

The Light Brought

To Shadows’n How

Do You Light Your Shadow?


Does God Have A Shadow?


How Paid Ye This Message?

How Paid Ye This Message ?

How Paid Thee Me This Message?

Then Pay, Ye

We Stand Backwards,

Against The Tall Brick WallThen

Say How

Paid – Is This Message Is I See

For Me… About Me O Mye

Rescue For You Or

HowMuch TheyPaid

How Paid Thee

The Or – Me


I’m Honest, … & Im Not Mean

I’m Honest, … & Im Not Mean

(c) Leo G Campbell      7/27/2018

I’m Honest And Im Not Mean

No Jelousy, But Standby…

I’m True &

Boy Scout Hombre He’s

Still Drunkered For

Blue Green Uniformly

In Uniform Walk’n Until

The Sky Turns… It Runs Away And

Now, It Rann Some Blue… Down. Done?

A Look’n Into Scottish Eyes Ears

Dry… Or… Its Scotch Whiskey

Drunk Drunk’n Aye Yay

Repeat All That Pleeze

Yer… Most Respectful E II…

Mebbe Made – In Kentucky

Better Cheap I Say Cheep

So They’n Say…That

Im Just Diddling Around Monday’n

Jerk’n Off By Sound

At Mickey Flynn… Jerk’n Time

It Izzz…

I’m Honest & Im Not Mean

If’n You Real Roodie Rooty Tooty

Knoww Whut

‘Bout That Shite


It’ll Be Hard To Die

It’ll Be Hard To Die

(c) Leo G Campbell       7/15/2018

It’ll Be Hard To Die

Whilst Loook’n…

From’n… Whence’n

Atch – You’n Me Explain’n.

Axe Me, Bay-bee… Biaayy Aye



Axe Me Good ‘Axed

Then, Again

This Time Again

In Arses As If Them

Could Ride

Axing Bloody Arsches

Horsey Arseholes Ya? Then, That –


Fallon A Arch ‘O Horse Apples

‘Cuz – , You Simply



Aunt Jessie…

Her… Very Again Than,


Pearl Thompson Told – She Axed,

To Me,


“Fuzzy Wuzzy Was A Bear”

My, Ole’ Jessie Pearl Thompson,

Axed’n Ax’d Me…

‘N Wuz That Your Moufh…

Axe Me Babeee – Why

Fuzzy Wuzzy Gave A Scat

Why Fuzzy Wuzzy Gave


Axe Me,

O Bay-bbe,


Innocent Sinners

Innocent Sinners

(c) Leo G Campbell      7/5/2018

Innocent Sinners


Indecent, Too… You…

Eve’n… Adam… ,

Step Out –

Les’ Taka


Look – Atcha, You…

How Are Ye,

– Eve?

– Adam?

Innocent Sinners, Just…

Howa Zowa

Can… You Be?

Lest We Ferget’n ‘N

O’ Ridge-inal



Innocent Sinners

Indecent, Too…

Ya Betcha We Will

Taka Good

Look Ach’n

Atcha You