Pretty Pretty Girls – Go To Hell – Prob’ly Too

Pretty Pretty Girls – Go To Hell – Prob’ly Too

(c) Leo G Campbell     4/16/2016

Pretty Pretty Girls – Go To Hell – Prob’ly Too

– Guess We Shall Sashay Down



See ‘N Learn

life ‘N Things In

Hell Town –

Too ‘N

– T’ See – Mebbe Due Us

All Humans ‘N All Angels Romanc’n



Terror  – Torture  – Suffering  -‘N


– Why Do

All Th’ Good ‘N Bad Angels

Get Away – Off From This –

– We’re Only

Angels Bad ‘R Good

Spiritual Creatures


‘R Ephemeral  – Angelic Asses

Bent O’er

Raining Rainbows

Leave Us Be –

Not Much T’ See Move On

– There’s – Hell Town Main Street –

Please Stop ‘N Observe

Th’ Traffic Light


At Th’ Center Of Hell –

– Hell Town Main Street –

Crossing Town It

Serve ‘N Well Hell Too

Mebbe Me ‘N Also

You –

– Just Fifty Feet Or So

Hell Bound Train Station

Th’ Hell Bound Train –

Daily Free Or So

Ticket’d One Way Th’

Only Way T’ Go

‘A Rail Train Trip Stop

First Last Class

Downer It Be –

‘N Mass Class  – Human Squalor

‘A Roof Top  – Freight Car Seats

Not Quite Cool – But Torn Ripped

As Th’ Betrained Passengers

On Th’ Rail Car Seated Rusty On Th’

Rail Freight Fright Thar

Mebbe Roof’d Top



Pretty Neat

Pretty Pretty Girls – Say So Let Us Go


Filled Up Humans Again

– Ever’ Time They Detrain

Th’ Hell Bound Beloved Train

– Jus’ Arrived –

Th’ Train! Th’ Train! –

– I Will Still Sashay Me


‘N My –

‘A Twirling My Girlish Beer’d

Sashay ‘N Twirling Figure


Human ‘N Not Much Angelic


Down Hell Town Main Street

– Then Meet’cha At

Anyway –

‘A Christmas Tree Burns

Bright ‘N Light Slight So Brightly

– Lucifer Light Yearns Fer

Still Feel’n

Th’ Christ God In His Wings/Arms

– When He

Lucifer Light Strode Out The Gates Of Hell –

Practic’d It, Did He, Did It Tried Out It Well –

Summon’d Wuz   – Lucifer Light

Invit’d T’ The Father –

In His Wings/Arms Wings/Arms

Th’ Nativity He Was Invited To

Witness Due

For His Evil

‘N Distrusting Ever’ Thing As If By

– God Father Almighty

T’ Lucifer Light T’ Repent

‘N Mebbe You –

Think’n Angels Humans Bar

‘A Try’n T’ Think Like An Angel Good


Lost It Jus’ Think’n Thought

Into Th’


Th’ Gate Of Hell Heat ‘N Glow –

Big Shirt’d

Hell Town Street Bankers Meet

‘A Tho’ Not Here They

‘R On Main Street

Not Any Money Here


– Bad Good Angels Can

‘N Greet

Good Bad Human Woman Man

Kind –

– Eve ‘N Adam  – Just Left

Twelve Thousand Million

Kazillion Klick ‘O Years

Tears Sanctify

‘A Many Unrecorded Lost

Centuries Ago

Before Number One

‘R Two Bibles Sold –

Left A Garden – ‘N Gardeners

Lords ‘A Leap’n Many Times

Buy Them Drinks At Whut’s


Th’ Angels Humans Bar

Which By Far In Hell

T’will Quench Ever’ Thirst

– At Th’ Bar Well ‘N Wenches

Th’ Pretty Pretty Girls –

Sashay First

There T’ween Th’ Angels

Floor Shows – By All

At Th’ Microphone

Switch’d On

All Th’ Humans ‘N Angels Too

Who Do We All


‘N Does Whut

We Self-Police Our Smut

‘N You Mebbe Me We’ll See

‘Pon To Time Show

– Th’ Stage Of Rage –

Emily Dickinson Writes

There Considers

New Poetry Words ‘N Shivers

Poetry At Th’ Bar

Volunteers Her Words


T’ Sashay Too

Betwixt ‘N By God


Here’s Mebbe You

Think ‘Bout

Only Ther’ Angelic


Mebbe Yer ‘A Drink

T’ Think

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