Comfort America – Steals Away

Comfort America – Steals Away

(c) Leo G Campbell     4/20/2016

Comfort America – Steals Away

Perhaps Felling ‘R Feeling

Guilty ‘R Guiltily

– Fer Th’ Very Portland Poor

From Yer Eyes –

Nancy Julie Marge Mary Terri

Svange Abaumu Thioy Whu

Te Chow MeriBeth ‘N Here Now

Margarita Terisita

Dancy Farcy In A Very Presentible

Frenzy –

– Oregonian ‘N Journal

Evening ‘N Morn

I Was A Paper Boy –

A Norm

In Comfort America

Bicyled Away We Left We With Now Th’

– Awful Poverty –

Yer So

Yer Lost Th’ America

– Homeless

– Hungry Today

– Forgotten By Rich ‘N Famous

– So Pretty Empty Glamorous

‘N Yesterday


Have Not Et

Fer Days But

I Think About

‘N Feel It

So Tightly My Hungering

Mummering A Empty Stomach

Empty Squeals

I Swow Yer Simply Do Not Know


Bad That May Feels Yer So

To No More Nothing Here

Desperate Hunger

Inside Me

Helps Me


Images Visions

Dreams Thoughts Thinking


– I Drink A Lot O’ Empty

I Try To At Least –

I Try To Buy Beer Yet

As I

– ‘Rain’n Cold

– In My

– Sometimes Sunshin’d Alley

In A Brown Sack Paper’d

Bottle’d Can


Back T’

Stolen Memories Fantasies

Blowback Dreams Playback

Any Feedback  – No

Well Hell Guess

I’ll Safeway Kroger Kienow

Pigly Wigly

‘N So Smart

Greedy’d Wal Eye’d Walmart

– Somehow Stumble Portland

I Go Away

Portland Have A Nice Day –

– ‘N Have A Very Nice

Forever I Might Offer –

T’ Th’ Portland City Council Coffers

Mayor ‘N Council

In Ther’ Chambers

They Might

Push My Grocery Cart – Theirs

An Art

I Know I Swow

Tis Theirs I Do Not Steal

Not Much Very I’ll Try T’

Return Now ‘R Someday

Cash Cans ‘N Bottles

Fer A Small Street Church Meal


Th’ Store Machine Deposit Return

I Made Five Dollars Forty Cents  – Yesterday

I Swow Hard Cash Money T’ Burn

Not Long

In My Coat Torn Pocket

Not Very Much Now

I’ll Try T’

Return It All

Safeway Kroger Kienow

Pigly Wigly

‘N So Greedy’d Eye’d So Smart WalMart

‘A Count’n Change ‘Back

At Th’ Store Machine

Deposit Five Dollars

Mebbe Forty Cents Too I Swow But

I Do Not Have It


Comfort America

Steals Away

I Swow I Do Not Have It


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