Even Makes The Burden Of Your Loss

Even Makes The Burden Of Your Loss

(c) Leo G Campbell     4/21/23016

Even Makes The Burden Of Your Loss

The Destiny Of Your Feelings

Conclusions New


I Let Me Think

Took Me ‘N My Mind

Out Fer A Drink

A Hard On

Old Fort New York – Their There In The Harbor July 1644

Fort Amsterdam New Amsterdam ‘N

– Then New York City 1664 More



A New York Century –

So Well Done’d By So Then Few When

Th’ Worlds Was Not Lot To ‘R From U Then

Broadway’n Broad ‘N Pearl

Attitudes Eventual

Some Eternal

Too Change Remarkably

New Loves


If You May

Read Carefully My

Sway ‘N Swag This Is

My Rag T’ Beat Off ‘N Rag On

So Get On With Your Blood ‘N Mischief Ya

Already Fun ‘N Then Done Forgot’n Then


Time Fer A New One

Super Da There Where Pubes Bite Carpeting

Ringing Tilting Rug

In Th’ See Lick’N Stroke I Mean Sea

Choice Spelling Their Best Use To

Do My Cunning

My Quester Questioning Your Mind

Even In The Plus ‘R Go Even Then

Makes Your Burden

O Of My Luv

Gov’ner Guvering My Thing My Quester

My So Royal JerkOff Jackoff

My Hardon Jester Why Yes Of Course

Nor Do I Suffer Nor Stutter My Mind

It Is Not Bid Bled To Too Sir

As Are My Own Two Eyes

Removed But Not From My Love Luv’d Myself

As Luv You Do

Love Me Do I Am The Bloody Walrus

Aptly Named I Shall Be Th’

Remains O’ Yer Remains -ing Tax Man

He’s Got A Ticket

Back O’ Th’ Van Fer

Th’ Finally Yer Tax Man

Disguise In Darkness Horror England Her Dungeons

Never Die On The Sly At Least

No Fer England An “Upper Dick Upper Lick” By

Not One O’ Th’ Blaggers That Tongued Th’ British Throne

I Get Slowly So More

Thick Was It Queen Vic? Or So They Say Well

When I Was A Girl Luv

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