Tell Me Again How And Why You Go To Hell

Tell Me Again How And Why You Go To Hell

(c) Leo G Campbell     4/23/2016

Tell Me Again How And Why You Go To Hell

Say It More Completely

Now This Time

The Guilt

Elucidate Your Mental Rhyme

Confession In The Stall Rather

Halting Be ‘N Blithering

Gloomy Dark ‘N Rather Small

Closeted Shadow’d Whisper’d Talks Perhaps

The Only Words That Can

Think It So To Say It So It Silently

Possibly Be So Sweetly Appropo

Of Reality Eternity Yes It Is So

Glorioso.exe Do No Try It

To Me This Time Just

Let Out Th’ Cat Of Swinging Doors

Four On Th’ Floor Of Cat Auto Drive


You Should Want To Go To Hell

Stupidly Sounding Incomplete As Well

That Does

Less Replete Reason

Useless If You Love God Simply

Try Hard Not

To Sin Seriously At Least

Think Find Any Harm To You ‘N All

At First To Start The Beginning

Of Less True ‘N Serious Sinning

God’s Heaven His Feast Of Happiness

Justice Truth Of Banquet For You To You

Sins Forgiv’d Bright

As A Scarlet Sun Ray Beams Shoot Out

From The Night

Toss ‘N Then Fro So

Bless You

You Dumbly

Taught Of By Church’d Teachings

Severe Leanings Realized By Leaders

Religion Church’d

Is The Opiate Of, By, ‘N, For

Ignorant Wishful People

– Hell Fear ‘N Fire ‘N Blitzering Screeching Pain Makes

Jack Off A Dull Boy –

– Us Lotsa Money Honey You Bet Let Us Do –

Religion Churching Commercial Spiritual Very Lite So Floating

Dancing Swaggering Takes

Again Soft Sweet Jesus Of The Temple

Make Us

Of Our So Deeply Christian Catholics Protestants Set Do

Th’ Baptist Intents

Seepy Sweat Southern Snakes You Bet ‘N Too True

Now ‘n Then Creep

Under The Bar Of Limbo I Mean Lesbo

If You Do The Sayso

Let It Grow I Swow A Sahshoo


Not Go To Hell Just Now Or Then

Lets Be Having A Better Heaven

An Enjoy A Better Forever ‘n Then Far Away

‘N When

‘N How Far Can Any Pope Say

Have A Best Eternity Better Than Ever ‘N Plus One More Day

Then Reel In

Eternities Of More

Happiness ‘N Leave All

The Rest Of Time Begone

Sucking Its Thumb

Have The Best Eternity

Bar None

Forever Trinity No End Friend

Lets Us Begone

‘N Go

To ‘N With God

A Very Happy World Without End

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