tRump Pokey Hokey

tRump Pokey Hokey

(c) Leo G Campbell     4/30/2016

tRump Pokey Hokey

– Ben Dover GOP –

– American Races Other Than


– Found Burnt Crosses On

Their Lawns –

– ‘A Coming

Out Of The Night

Understan Th’

tRump Pokey Hokey

– His Old tRump Man ‘N Th’ Klan

Lizard Wizard tRump Man –

Th’ Ben Dover Too –

Reams Of tRump

Times Two Tired

tRump Pokey Hokey Shites

‘A Com’n At You Too

So Whites


Out Of The Night

‘N Just For You

‘N Th’ GOP

tRump Be Try’n

Doin You

GOP Futility All

Th’ Rest Of Us


All Th’ Races Too –

Out Of Nightmares The Night

tRump Pokey Hokey

‘A Racist Th’ tRump Be –

tRump Hokey

Throw’n It Back

tRump ‘N Hiz Klan

‘N Hiz Ol’ Lizard Wizard Man

Burnt Crosses Out Of The Night

Ol’ Klan Man

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