If Thats Th’ Way Ya Gotta Ride

If That’s Th’ Way Ya Gotta Ride

(c) Leo G Campbell       5/5/2016

If That’s Th’ Way Ya Gotta Ride

– Georgie Get Up Get On

That Ther Other Side –

That Volcano That’s Up

‘N Yers Right Now

Thers Lucifer Light ‘N Frens

– Try Tryst’n ‘N To

Hell Town

Just Outside The Gates Of Hell –

Resides Th’ Hell Outsiders


Coffee Shop’d Hotels’N Bars

UnStarBuckeled To Lesser Hells

Uncoffee’d Better Betty

Better Butter’d Other Places Healthy Too

Many Derailed From Th’ Hellbound Train

Kiss’n Kristen Outside So

Th’ Sign Said

– Hell BoundTrain Town Train Depot –

Rain ‘R Ring Play Bonnie Guitar I Love You

Of Fire Constant Again Come

The Hell Bound Train HellBound Still

Not ‘A Traction T’ Reality In

Th’ Worst Way

T’ Th’

Other Side Janus Presumes There’n Prevails

Along The Way Trails To The Hell Bound Train

Slant On Desire Yer –

Magistrate As You Orchacastrate

Streeted Your Next

Victim Friend Also Aveneur Too

To Heres Look’n At You

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