Unzipping The Glass Window

Unzipping The Glass Window

(c) Leo G Campbell      5/4/2016

Unzipping The Glass Window

Jet Airplane Shooting Star


Evry Christmas Night

Airplane Canopy Blows Off Away

Th’ Bad Death Day

Death Ray Shooting Stars

Unbelievable Breath Me

Pit Smell Some But Dawg

Only One

– Who Can Query Th’ Dance I Am In

Original Sin No Never Have Been –

Thank Yew I Mean God Will Baptise You


Punish You

Not Disrespect Nor Despise You

For What You Are

Prairie Home Companion NPR Café Eh –

– That The Do I

Look In ‘R Out To

Where Th’ Glass Window Say

That I Do –

So Screw You I Mean

Do Th’ Reality Sway

– Rome Had God Janus

His Was

The World Of Entry Departure Through


And Other Openings –

New Jobs

That Allow Travel

Mach x3 Cubed Marble Lucite

Clear To


Time Light Aride Like New Brides To

Each Other

New Jobs

Allow Marvel

Mr Ms MrShe Le

La De Da

Theory Dance


More Like A Romance


Well Way

Before Its Time



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