I Write Songs For Angels

I Write Songs For Angels

(c) Leo G Campbell       5/6/2016

I Write Songs For Angels

Stepping More Deeply Down

Reality’s Means


– Love Connecting Harmony –

What I Have Written What I Thought

Swaggering Up Fer  – A Ride Decide –

Alongside I Guess To

– An Eternal Ride Decide –

Bad ‘N Good Angels –

– An Eternal Ride Decide –

I Write My Songs


Buddy Holly Strat Caster ‘ R Elec

Bonnie Guitar Guitar Cougar Washington

It All Comes Back 1957 USA

To Fer Time Crickets  1962 Beatles

In Seattle TwoFer Tales

– AngelHuman – HumanAngel –


Them Rains

Keep Me

Fr’m C’mon Down

-AngelAvengerHumanAngerAnger –

Eh Canadien

– – I Try To Live In Hell Town

Styles Seattles

Humans Do It For Free – –

– But That Or Do They

Seattle Me – –

Buy It Or Pay Rent

To ‘R Fer It

Prey To Olympia Beer Yer

Washington Capitol Queer Beer

I Drink It I Push Piss Back

It Into The Olymphia Can

Good Luck Wrong Sided Down Horseshoe

MoFoe Canned Beer Logo

I Mean Yer Arfly Near Dear

– Olympia Beer Comes (sp) In

Its Own Can –

Throngs Knowing Left Cheek From

A Thong Pull’d Off Wrong Wrong

The Songs I Mean

Seattle So

Ring With An Amen Song

Amen’d Doors Often Open

Up Seattle To

– AngelHuman –

Its Where Might We All Or Partly Of

A Final Party

C’mon On Into

Seattle Museum Ferry Landing

Twenty Zill Cars Times Fwee Uber

Slobber Ben Dover Uber

Always Over Uber

OverWeighting My Knee

Duly Recording Reality

They Check’d Th’ Wir’d Wave It In Th’ Air

Ghostly Wail ‘OerOut

Of A

Foggy’d Noise’d Remote’d

Useless Asshole

Salt Water’d Down Sound


– AngelHuman –



Ascending The Hear Canal

Mebbe Now –

Mostly Only In

Their Angel Minds

Mebbe Now –

Some Be At Least Polite

To The Clanging New Bells

– Ghostly Only

Takeaway Take Out – –

A Remoting Ascending Sound

Louder To Th’ Waves ‘O Water ‘N Wind

Th’ Seattles

– AngelHuman Human Angel

Mebbe Now –

We Mebbe Must All Decide

Take We All

The Tissue-Thin Issue

Out Fer

An Eternal Swaggering Perfect Ride

– A Ride Decide –

– Mebbe Now

To Conclude To Th’ Why ‘O

Humans Die But Angels Not – –

Saddle Seattle Side Up Dude

As Police


Be Po-Leece

Leave It All To Us

To Us

– Ghostly Only

An Eternal Ride Decide –

That Mebbe Us ‘N On A

Or Not

Perfect Ride

I Write Songs For Angels

Sung By Choirs ‘N Cathedrals

Humans Try On Th’ Be Angel Songs

Mebbe Angles Romance Me

Let Me Look

What I Have Written What I Have Thought

Yer On Fer Mebbe Not

Take Our Winnings Fer A

Mebbe Eternal

I Don’t Know

Do We Sorta Ease Slow

You Know Into

F’n Eternal Ride Decide


Make It

I Write Songs For Angels

Possibly Then They Sing Me ‘n Pay

My Copyright’d Billing ‘Fore Th’ Court

‘Pon This Day Us UnAngels  –

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