Satan Nit Picking His Sins

Satan Nit Picking His Sins

(c) Leo G Campbell      5/6/2016

Satan Nit Picking His Sins


Circles Around Them

Cackling Chuckling Loudly

Counts Them All


Hurting Humankind Especially

Handing Humans Hell On A Plate

Satan Grins

– But

Where Satan

– In That Pile O’ Sins –

Are The

– – Satan Sins Satan –  –

– –  ‘N Satan Actually Wins – –

– Satan Cannot Sin

Everywhere –

So Sue ME Satan

– I’ll Take That Poker Chip Play

Get Used To It –

– Night Brought Back To The Day –

‘N Rue It Too They Will

Do It To Them During

Unfriendly Night Time

Exercise Mebbe Parachute

Cascading Just Beneath Some Better

Satan Croak’n As Th’ Raven – EverMore

– Hurting Any Other Angels Are

– Sins You Did Good Angels ‘N Where

Archangels Warrior Angels

– Sins You Did Bad Angels To

What Are Their Bad-Angel Good-Angel Names –

Bad Angels Did They Keep

Their Good Angel Names After

They Lost I Mean Sinned


Ones As You

Show Us All That Pile

Satan Bad Angel

Since Beginning Of Time

Angel Sins ‘Gainst Bad Must Stretch


Very Tiring Long Zillion Mile Strong

For Croak’n  -EverMore

Bad Angel Wings

To Fly Along


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