Death A Sacred Thing Or Not Travel Soul

Death A Sacred Thing Or Not Travel Soul

(c) Leo G Campbell      4/8/2016

Death A Sacred Thing Or Not Travel Soul

– It Gets You

-Travel Soul –

Soul Travel

– Yer Single Die On A Roll –

– Oughta Here ‘N Over There –

– Soul Travel –

Some Where Else –

Angels Do Not Follow

Ticket To


To Some Where On

Somebody’s Other Side Yawn

I Meant Dawn

Itll Tell Ya Where Ta Get Off

– That Dope Deal On Th’ Bus Wuz A Killer –

Gets Then Got Yer Ass Through

Along With Or Against

Shame I Mean Same Where Any Way

-Travel Soul Still Thumping A Pulse

-Sacred Travel Soul Thing Can See

Mebbe Hear

– MrMs Death Do Not Take

SheHe Only  – Opens The

– Travel Soul Door –

– Mostly In – Muchly Not Out –

Travel Souls Allowed To Saunter ‘N

– Soul Travel –

– Swagger Stagger ‘R Shimmer Through

Door Opened By MrMs Death –


Mebbe All She Wrote Except

Fer Us

‘N You

Only We See

Saint Peter There On

Somebody’s Other Lawn I Mean Dawn

His Best

Swagger Stagger ‘N Shimmering



That Travel Soul Door

– Rome Granted His Request

Crucified Peter Upside Down

Got His Own Real Cross Himself –

– Dragged Behind His Shimmer –

Then Jesus Gave Peter Again

The Gates Of And To Heaven

Stay Here Peter Here Are The Keys

– At The

Sacred Gates Of Heaven

Holiest Of Holies –

Are And Enter Here

– Sacred Humanity

Come Out Before You From

The Soul Travel Door –

– I Did

Before Your Time –

Judge Them All With Your Eyes

Travel Souls

Accept All ‘N

And The Best Perhaps

As Mary My Mother Judged Me

A Die Tossed On A Cross

In His Poem,  “Judging Eyes”

– Mary She

Stood’n Watched My Death Me

The Christ Die She Saw


Christ Travel Soul


Through Hell ‘N Sky

– Quite A Ride But

Very On The Fun Side –

For God’s Own Travel Soul –

Swagger Stagger Shimmer

Buy A Ticket T’ Ride






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