A Cop Got The ATM

A Cop Got The ATM

(c) Leo G Campbell      5/8/2016

A Cop Got The ATM

Did Th’ One In

SE Portland Hawthorne

Earlier ATM Than Can

– On A Monday Got

T’ Th’ Money Bank’d

Hard On ATM Card

Slot Of Wonder


T’ Do It ‘R – Ponder Not

Got Th’ Cash

– Saw Across Th’ Parking Lot

– Late Mercedes Sedan

– Beige ‘R Light Tan

Right Open Door A Male Man

White Man

Not Yet Unskinn’d Sun Tann’d Skin

Sprawled Out

Nailed Flat T’ Th’ Barn

Driver Left Open Door

A Male Body Lies As Same

– Sprawl Outta Th’ Mercedes Doors

Mebbe Dead Bodies –


Killers Bounding Fer

Hawthorne SE Portland ATM

Death ‘N Store

— Wolves ‘N Road Kill

Being A Viet Nam Man —


– ‘R All

– ‘N SE Hawthorne District

Sidewalk Suck’n Swill Thrill

A Real Humanity –

– ‘N Street Kill T’ Sanity –

– Stare ‘N Cry Like Hell

Before Anyway

I Called 911 Th’ Bank

– Pay Phone Hello

This Is 911 Are You Some –

One Or

Mebbe This’ll Be Fun

You Watch Th’ Passing

Time Burnt Away All

Themselves 911

A Drunk Sauntered To My Phone

I Will Take Over Son

Did You Just Call 911

Drunk Talk On

So A Cop Car Came 911

Young Cop Staring At Mercedes Bodies

‘N Quick Draw His Gun

Duck Walked To Them

Not Shot

Only Cocaine’d ‘N Drunk

So Young Cop Turned To The ATM

Caring Much Why 911 Call

That Was My Exit Line

Have A Nice Ever

Ossifer ‘N Drunk Standing Staring

Dangling Phone Off Its Hook

Did You Call 911

The Drunk Talked On


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