Pius McCluskey Was A Decent Man

Pius McCluskey Was A Decent Man

(c) Leo G Campbell     5/17/2016

Pius McCluskey Was A Decent Man

– Decent As A White Man –

Left Hand As

Paul McCartney Became –

Th’ Left Hand Guitar Beatle Man

Left Handed Like A White Man

Did Th’ Hokey Pokey With Out

His Frying Pan

Zip Glazed His Eyes

As High As A White Man Can –

Did It Eye’d

– From The True Youth’O

HerHis Memories

As Gallop’d Aroun’ As HeShe Wuz –

– Got Religion Then No

– Neutral As A Buy In

By Kings Queers Nears Queens

‘N Th Other Gentle Eh

Wham –

Took His Religion’n His Gun His Frying Pan

Bam Bam

T’ Viet Nam

– Holy Roiling Boil Th’ Rice Paddy M16 Greas’n

– Grass With A Whole Lotta Class

Mebbe Hueys’n Green Chop

Chopp Drop Out ‘O Th’

So Humidity Rainy Air Air

Veet Nahm Air Space – –  Taxi We Take

– Death’n Give It Straight

Right Back So Bright –

Harry S Truman- San

Yokohana Hiroshima Ya Nagasaki Ya

Yo Mebbe

We Light Up SunMebbe Atom Ya Sun –

Ya Eh

Jap Race Rice As We Clap –

To Right Alleys Mebbe So What

True As I Read ‘N Rite You – –

– So U Kno I Lust Not –

Yer Arse Eh Greasey On A Tuesday

Wher’ Th’ Winds From

Th’ Mother O’ Storms Eh —

We Get Gotten On Ever’y Thursday

When Th’ Bishop Comes –

But In A Somewhat Manly Cumly


Grunt Eh —


In A Semi Silly Religious

Missionary Way

To The Very

Last Maxwell Coffee Drop

As We Can I F’n Veet Namn

That Sun There Is – –

– Nuke U’Lar Brite As

Tide Gets Th’ White Out  –

But Not There

When Ever I Used T’ Stare


My Child’s Windows Home

That House Still So Real

Not Alone In My Memory

Its Touch Smell’n Feel –

T’was Very Old’n Then-

My Odd Tween’d Years

First’d Very Early

Be’n A Adult Fine

– Hokey Pokey Hootchie Coo Yerass Bad

– ‘N We’ll Bomb Mebbe Frag You

– Machine Gun Bang Up Yer Ass Too

Hanoi Hymmn… Oh Boy Girls ‘N Animals Too

Dragged T’ Veet Namm

Many Americans

– Veet Nahm We Love You –

– We Got Religion We Got Fun ‘N

F’n Steamy So Awe Th’ Downer Water Streams

I Jus’ Hope T’ Scream Stream’n Eagles

Mite Bite Me You They Awesome

We Got Th’ Best Guns’n Flam’n Napalm Too –

– Itsa ‘A Wham Bam Bam Wahoo –

We Got Know How

T’ Use

Smok’em As Yer Get ‘Em

– Pius McCluskey Was A Decent Man

– Drove His Soul T’ Viet Nam Then

Less Perfect Than Veet Nahm

– I Never Pissed In His Frying Pan

– Mebbe He Did –

Pissed In His Helmet Though

Never Shist’d Just

‘A Pissed Yelling

Golden Yellow Stream Flow

To’n Fro In It –


Pius McCluskey Was A Decent Man –

His Ass Got Shipped T’ Viet Nam

Half His Ass Got Burn’d

His Half Ass’d Remains

Was Finally Returned

Tiny Caskets Do

Some ‘O Th’ Time

Some Of Them Come Back

– Yesterday I See’n Saw –

‘R Small Urn’d Earned By That GI

Time To Cry Weep Better

We Got Th’ Flag Though Forever

‘N Sold It On Ebay

Just For A

Pittance ‘O Moolah

Not A Helluva Fer

Lotto Dough

Mebbe Sold

Or Sell His Soul Last Wednesday

Pius McCluskey Was A Decent Man

We Lost His Soul His War Yet

We Can Still Sell That Vet

His Frying Pan



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