Wealth Of America Snided Rudely

Wealth Of America Snided Rudely

(c) Leo G Campbell     5/2/2016

Wealth Of America Snided Rudely

Help Me In My Disbelief

Write This Down –

– Reference

– Call Land Line Only –

John Lennon  – Then Hell Town – Then

Saint John The Lenn –

The Wealth Of America

– Orah Oprah DoRah –

– Self Black Woman Conscious – But Still –

– Getch’r ‘N All

Fool On A Hawaii Hill –

– Buys As Many Hawaii Acres Can She

Acquires Pounds

Zounds Gods Wounds

She’s All Ready To

Have Dropp’d Them – Again –

– Slide O Oprah Snide

The Wealth Of America

Black Wealth Female Pride –

Cluster’d’n Fester’d


Fer After Yer Law

YuresSuits –

Suits You ‘N Yers –

How Many Tears

Have Black Folk Cried –

Sunny Tears Wet Rusty Chisels Names Of

Slaves Of Scars Lashed Backs

But Only ‘A  – No Name –

– Dead-  Where Did It Die –

– Sing It From The Real’n-

Sucking On


From A Cuban Cigar –

– Nail It On Th’ Church Door

Stage Of God –

As You Feel –

Any Seams ‘O

‘Music Mebbe –

– Hear Some ‘R Many

Rainy Songs Belong –

Sun Record Music

– Some Sang Sun Song Along

Simply To Sing

‘N A Hurricanely Insane –

– Incoming

Church’d Pump Organ

– Elvis Sung In Heartbreak Hotel

Not Many’r As Many Times

Songs Along More –

The Wealth Of America

Should Rudely

– Some Simply There –

– Glad T’ Screw Ya

– String Us


– Brother Us Along –

‘A Bother T’ Spam There ‘N That

T’ Be There – Than Here –

– Boys ‘N Girls

Fireside Fresh Flesh Lighted

By Flames

Bloated Very Happy Faces

Campy Songs From As Many Races –

‘N See How They Snide –

The Belongs’n Th’ Wrongs We See

Ter Me –

Mebbe Yer –

Yet Two Times I Wuz

Jerk’n Jok’n Rock’n At

Or With You

Once Happy Together

Some Gallop To Somewhat



Is This

Our Last

Kiss’r Jerkoff


Poor Erotically Paradym

To Finally Finalize A Rhyme –

O Please Please Is

That Rhyme Fertile

Enow Ter Plow

Grow Corn On It I Swow –

Into Th’ Early Lighted Morgen Dawn

O’er Swastika Germanie –

Hitler Shoulda Been A Tranny


His Ole Dead Jewish Granny –

– Do Yer Ever Have

Rhinestone’d Pink Hot Knee Pads

– Kitt’d Out Fit

– Fer It

Ina Kit

Fer On Yer

Knees –

The Wealth Of America

Miz Disregarded Manners

In So Many Child

Adult Wet Dreams –

Droll Hope So Many

Do You

Not Carry Baggage

Body Bags Nazi O

Swastika Non Jewish Swags –

Th’ Official

Nazi Offal Guide T’

Die To ‘O

Shallow’n Here Grave We Goyo –

Cheap Posessiveness

Go ‘O

You So Are Much A Good Letch –

Not A Best Bet For Kvetch

Me Crutch’r Crotch Yer Are

The Wealth Of America

Sucking On A Cubano Cigar

Stage Rage Of God

Who Ensures

The Wealth Of America

God’s Interest is Free

Nail It On The Church Door

Earn It Learn

With Yer Interest

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