Chickey Poo Delivers

Chickey Poo Delivers

(c) Leo G Campbell     5/24/2016

Chickey Poo Delivers

She’ll Do Onya With

Chickey Blue Strange –

– Her Hot Pink

Blew But Blue Electricks

Any Assemblge O’ Crowds Eh

Plastic Majestic Two By Four Yer Yae

Right Out Th’ Next

– DoorCosmic Specifisistically They

First’n Last Found

Fer Calln Sex Fouls

– With Th’ Cat

– By Th’ Cat

Sometimes –

In Th’ Hallway –

Floor Yer With Her Two

By Four

– Chickey Poo Delivers Til


‘S OK –

Yer Shivering Yer I See

Yer Quivering From Yer Quiver

Shoot Yer Arrow At Her

– Chickey Poo

Yer Allus Will Miss Her –

– Rickey Tickey Yo

In Yer Blood Red Shed Icy Bobsled

Bloody Red Snowflaked Blood

– Off Yer Go

Rickey Tickey Ta –

‘N Heres

Be At Look’n Ya

That Blood’n  Vodka

Double Shot’d

In Yer Eye Aye

Would Best

Mystify In Th’ Church’d Wide

– Isles O’ Sky I Mean

Open Sesame Skiie

Of Th’ West’d Scottish

Oceans – Rains Darkish Days

Lightn’g Thunder O’er Darkish

Scotland Warriors Women’n Men


Rave Scottish Waves –

Churl Days Begon’d Past

On Yonder Beyond England

Any Last Rites Up Bumm’d Them

– Knight’d Scepter’d Well By Th’ Crown’d Mary

Queen O’ Th’ Scots –

– Her Cuz’ Eliz That ‘A Kilt Her

Not E’er Wear Were ‘R Wore

Any Scot Plaid ‘R Tartan Clan Plaids –

Right’d In Th’ Last Night Before

Eternal Light Skys

– Chickey Poo Delivers

Pogo’n Poe

There Too Da –

– Dub’l Da Yeh Okay

– Chickey Blue Strange

Kilroy’s Us Here

‘N Kiljoy’d Them There Sew

Unconscionsious’d ‘N Pantsed ‘Em –

Rickey Tickey Pickey Na

Paradyms’n Bullshit Ya

Gott’em Bumm’n Yer

I’n Out Yer Doo Dah Do Doo Da

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