West Coast Day Standard Time WCDST

West Coast Day Standard Time  WCDST

(c) Leo G Campbell     5/26/2016

West Coast Day Standard Time WCDST


It Is Here Where It Gotta Be Eh

– Gravity Pulls

– Accelerates ‘R Slows

Time Passages –

Brought To Gods Country

– Humans And Angels Have Minds

Mental All

Screams Rails Across Against

The Mountain


– Dark Shadows In Valleys Death

Of Some

– Valleys Some –

Rocket T’ Yer Ride Into Heaven

Mebbe Again –

Ther’ Wuz

White Light’n I Mean

The White Mountain Of Light

Brighter Than

The Atomic Hydrogen

Sun Do Da Killer Bombzz

Bombay B-17 Eh B – 24

brit Spit Feuer Fire Eh Lancaster Eh

B – 25 Tokyo Milk Bomb Run B – 29

Deliver S’mores Special Sauce

Wuz My Pop’s Dream Pop

Whate’er Differences Mebbe –



We Share Eh –

Hydrogen Atomic The

Bombay Gin Martini Bikini Eh

Bombays Eh’n

Away Eh

Is It Yer Best

Wealth T’ Corrupt Me

By Only By Myself

Suicides Pull

No Gun

Push No Knife


Nor Poision



A’n H Bombs Only

This Particular

Hamstring Wuz

Unstrung’n Un Bedittled

Underslung Entry Door

Maybe –

–  The White Mountain Of Light –

Can I Aye Eye

Sway Th’

All O’ Th’ Angels –

– Do They Union

Have A Great Hall

God Had It Built When

‘N Then Th’ –

By The Better ‘R Worse Angels –

– Not Fr’m Hell

Narcissus Ye Deliciously


Only Pugatory P’raps Eh –

– The Protocol For All Angels –

‘R Done

Th’ Limbo Dead Babies

Oho Girlo Boyo

Yoko Ono John Lennon –

– Saint John The Lenn

– Yoko –

– Sex Of


Of The Course

‘O Sperm’n Ovam’n Nature

Hasn’t Arrived Didn’t

‘A ‘Foreskin T’was ‘R

Labia Already ‘Cised Eh –

West Coast Day Standard Time

Mebbe Prized Away Eh –

Mebbe By

– Any Good Better’n Bad Angels That

Cannot Tell Time

Anything –

Gravity’n Angels Lost Mebbe

In A Free Country

West Coast Day Standard Time

‘N How Much

Do Angels Get ‘O

Angels All

Good Better’n Bad Gotta Union


Sublime Dead Baby

West Coast Day Standard Time

All Angels Check Their

Watches Cells (Special Rates Only For All Angels)

Tablets’n Emailzz

Text Th’ Tweens Away Fer

‘N Away Eternities Fr’m Me Eh –

All Of The Angels

– Do They Union

Have A Great Hall

– The Protocol For All Angels –

All Angels Check There All

They Do Union I Swow

Mebbe Now

WCDST Posed Ex Seekings

Get F’k’n Traction

Can Gravity Run

Mebbe Fall Fast

Down Empty Air I Cannot

Grab Even At

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