Yes – Lucifer Light

Yes – Lucifer Light

(c) Leo G Campbell      6/15/2016

Yes – Lucifer Light

Strode Out The Gates Of Hell

Saw On His Right

Saint John The Lenn In

His Rented Frame House

– So Lucifer Light

Strode On –

Down The Street – Into

– Into Hell Town –

Past The

– Hell Town Train Depot

– Hell Bound Train – Arrives

Just Ever – Past – Eternal – Be –

Discharge Of Human Citizenery – Eh –


The Angels Humans Bar

Through The Swinging Bars Doors –

–  – He Felt His Bad Angels Powers Fade

Jade –

Sought Out The Corners Darkness Of

Saint John The Lenns Table

– Trade – ‘N Cards –

Sat Down To Wait Waited

Watched – As Emily Dickinson At The Bar

– Taking Her Drinks

Off Passing Bad Or Good Angels –

– Angels Only

Buy The Drinks –

Finally Little Emily Steps Up

– Into Better Light

–  – Ascends The Steps

To The Stage – Of Rage


A Selected Poem Of Her


Into The Night

Oh Hell – In Hell Town

Just Down The Streets

From The Gates Of Hell

Lucifer Light Sighs

Awaiting Time For Saint John The Lenn –

To Ascend – The Stage  Of Rage – Again






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