Astonishing To Decorate Pages

Astonishing To Decorate Pages

(c) Leo G Campbell       6/19/2016

Astonishing To Decorate Pages

To Intermix The Lines

My Rages – Blush –

I Am – Your DJ – ‘A Play’n Fer

Human –

Fer – More

Party Pretty –

Poor Pay – ‘N Night’n Day –

Party – EE – On

Say To The…

Th’ Wings – ‘O Th’ Mid… Site Nite… Sun….

Off O’n To – A – Run

On Sunday

God Is On

He Is


B’Tween Nite’n Day – Eh We

Be… Our

‘A ‘Rain’n Down

Rush On – To The Land Of Midnight ‘O Th’

TheMid Night Sun –

Saw It Put On – Eh

My .45s

My – Ass – Hie Ye – T’ Th’ Last Nunnery –

In The Sleigh…

In Costume Eh –

‘A Sing’n… O’er…  Our Very Songgg…

On Rickey

Ticky Trick – Time

Bomb To Son O’ Th’ Mid… Mind Us All…

To Th’ Land – O’ Th’ Sun…

Our Dance Floor Number Two…

Tew Dawn’n On O’er Tew Yew


Yew Get It On

– Rickey Ticky Time Bomb –


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