Earth Goeth ‘Round The Sun

Earth Goeth ‘Round Th’ Sun

(c) Leo G Campbell     6/30/2016

Earth Goeth ‘Round Th’ Sun

So Sun Is Number One

– Two Would Get You Four

More –

Million Zillion – Big Butt Nekk’d


Leap’n O’er Th’ Cliff –

T’ Th’

Roaring – Unwaving – Silent Sea

Why – Is It – ‘Aaah ‘A Still – ‘A Loook’n At Me Still

‘A Stand’n In Th’ Silence O’ Th’

Roaring Unwavering Screaam’

Silence Upstream

– So Whut Duz Th’t Mean –

As It ‘A Is ‘A Loook’n

Fer Me – T’ Fear

At Me –

– Myyiiie – So Very –

– Silent Sea – Silent Sea –

Isle O’ – Scottish Scot – Skie

Mebbe Th’ Sun

Goes Its Way

‘N Earth Goes Its Very Own Way Unplanned

– Earth Did Th’ Dirty She

Jus ‘A Ran Away – AyiieeyEE

So We Do No See Th’ Huge

Multi-Complex Secure In The

Th’ Path O’ Th’ Chang’n  Loop Never Changes

All Else Then Must Alter Then

– Rickey Tickey Time Bomb –

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