The Courts Of Hell

The Courts Of Hell

(c) Leo G Campbell       7/23/2016

The Courts Of Hell

Do Well – So Many –


By Angels And

Human – Saints Of Heaven

Judges Are – Three –

Two Humans ‘N One Angel

Must – It Be


They Judge

Th’ Worst Very Worst – Human Souls –

Hitler – Stalin – Vlad Th’ Impaler –

The Romans Who – Tortured –

Crucified – Men Children Women In

The Whole Damned – Roman Empires –

‘N – How Much – They Must Burn – To

Ward Their Sins –

Some –

Not Quite Past Th’ Last Line –

Balancing Love – O’ Th’ Jesus Lord –

Just – Before – Forever Eternity

Burn Off Th’ Last Flakes – O’ Their Sins


Before These Human Souls – Exit Hell

‘N Back To Eternity

Jesus Lord Blesses Them



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