We – Danced ‘N The Rain

We – Danced ‘N The Rain

(c) Leo G Campbell       7/25/2016       http://www.leocamwrites.com

We – Danced ‘N The Rain

Poured Golden – Blood From

– 666 – ‘N .925 Silver – NATO .223

Our Just – Last

Measuures ‘O Yers – Bulletry Fine

Down To Yer Very


Punt’n Querey

Gold – 24K -Golden’n Goldening



Lightning Electric – E – Lectra – Gold –

He Her U Herri- caine

Mouths O’ Th’ Water

‘N Do

– Cold



– Gold

Water Matter

Pity – Pater

We – Danced In The Rain

Then The Sun ‘N

Did Never ‘N

Not Danced

Just Down The Drain –

‘N Silverrr Hurrr’n – Caine – Eh

Just Us Danced

In That Reign O’

Golden Got


Down ‘A Fineriere Feiniest

– Gold 24K Crown –

Found ‘N


‘N Our Way T’

Back Home

Do Pity To

Our Pitter Patter ‘N

Danced In A Golden Rain ‘N

Golden HurrHurryCaine –

At Last Eh –

Do Does It –

All –



You Saw It Coming

We – Yes –

We Got Danced In

The Golden’n – ‘N Normal – Rain –

– Found ‘N Lost Dept. –

Inn O’ – Th’ Last Lost

HurriGold24K Gold CoCoGoCaine

Gold Cold

Weavin’ In T’

All Th’ Blood

O’ Mind

The 24K Kind



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