Lacerate The Wound

Lacerate The Wound

(c) Leo G Campbell     7/30/2016

Lacerate The Wound

Lick It

– Our World –

As Found –

Th’ Rickey Tickey –

Feminate – Leakin’ –

Lovin’ – Milk

Milk – Mom Bomb –

Willing –

As Is

Early Along

Time Ago –

Lick’n Lacerate


Would Lick It

Slow –

Would It

Hesitate If It Could

If It Could Would It

Lactate ‘R Lacerate To

– Me –

– Our World –


Be At

Thinn’d – Least By

The Hour


To Be Human To –

‘N Deliver It –


Deutchers Geerarrall

Generallee –

WWII ‘N – Victoire’

Hee Hee

Lactate The Wind

Lacerate The Wound

Big Broken Balloon

– Our World As Found –

Would Lick It Fasten’

‘N Would


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