Riders Of The Storm

Riders Of The Storm

(c) Leo G Campbell       8/20/2016      http://www.leocamwrites.com

Riders Of The Storm

Divine Humanity

Where Do All

Turmoils Come

Come From ‘N To –

Eagle’n Angel Eyes

– God Involved

Simple Activity

Imbed Immerse Inter

Unter Water & Twine – Eh

Divine Humanity –

UnAdultery –

Mighty Storms

Coming’ Froming

‘N Up Side Down’n

Foam’n All

Around –

Storm Sound


Truble Turmoil


Riders Of The Storm

Angel’n Eagle Eyes Aye

Not Lies Anyway


Where Do All


From ‘N To


Riders Of

The Storm

Apocalyptic Fit To

I See

I Can Spell –

I Can Sell –

Toothpicks –

‘N Hell

I Can Spell

Riders Of The Storm

Where Do All Time Th’ The Eh –


Turmoils Come

Now ‘N Listen Too

The Drums Offbeat


Riders’n Horses


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