Tats Tabu Taboo Tattoo

Tats Tabu Taboo Tattoo

(c) Leo G Campbell       8/31/2016       leocamwrites.com

Tats Tabu Taboo Tattoo

And So It Goes

Keep On Yer Toes On

Indians Never

Attack – Til – Flippin’ Dawn –

Tat Yer – Ignorance

Prettie Ugelie

At Verie Fairaerie Least

Please – Just Only

Moist Yer Ink

With Yer Think –

Under Yer Clothes –

Tats Tabu Taboo Tattoo

As Far As It

The Ink Under The Skin –

Wrinkles With Age, Colors Change – Shit

* The amazing tattoo image, is of a Maori (New Zealand) warrior. His portrait (here) was painted by a professional painter, brought along by Capt. Cook, British explorer. This warrior may have been a Maori chief; he was named “Raphael..” by Capt. Cook. In his eyes, can be seen – a limited wise, observation and adaptation. The painting, was then printed, in Cook’s book of the voyage, in 1746.

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