Lord, Keep Me – In – Sanity

Lord, Keep Me – In – Sanity

(c) Leo G Campbell       9/22/2016       http://www.leocamwrites.com

Lord, Keep Me – In- Sanity

Sane-Ity Be Me Eh

Climbing Down

Down From My

Golden Sleigh

O’ Weather – Whether To –

You – God – Decide

– To Mebbe – “Holy Ghost” ‘R – “Holy Spirit” Me

Fer A –

Special Ride –

Go You First When

Thirst Is For – The Ever –

Before That Door – To

Another Side – How

Many Sides They Are –

Open Then Closing

You Yawn As

Yew Don -That Hat

That Th’ Cat – Kitty Pretty – Called

Sane Well – We Don’ Know

Whut Th’ Hell – That

Shout’n Down – Into

A Dark

Dank Stark Naked

Echo WellWell –

Get Awn With It

Yet Then –

Go Through –

Is It Fer

EverMore –

Well Hell

I Pause Then

Who Then –

Keeps Th’ Score

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