Was Busy – Lord Interrupted Me

Was Busy – Lord Interrupted Me

(c) Leo G Campbell       9/23/2016     http://www.leocamwrites.com

Was Busy – Lord Interrupted Me

Lord Interluded –

Lord Does Walk

Some –

Several Lonely Road Ways

Dusty Tear Drops Drop ‘N Stop Down

A Dusty Road –

– Jesus Christ Does He Walk –

‘N Talk ‘N His Love For Us On –

Lonely Roads –

Saul Became Paul –

Now I See –

Is The Lord

Happening To Saul Paul

See As

He – The New Paul

Who Was – Saul

Did Not See At All –

Christian Steven Martyr

Did – For Lord – ‘N

Died –

What Did Saul See –

Blind Paul

Other Side Saul Paul

Horse Fall –

Hope Horse – Fell Well –

Caught – By Damascus Road –

Way –

Saint Peter – In Heaven –

Viewed –

‘N –

Panned It All –

Waiting Say

For Blinded Unseat’d Unseen

Unbelieved’n – With The Cane –

Unsight’d – Saint Paul –


To Crawl Away To See –


Citizen Of Rome

So Where –

Should All Of Us – People –

Roam ‘N Crawl


Just To Begin

With ‘R Breath

Breathlessly Fading

Gone Away Away – From

Sins – We Took Today


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