Waves Change Move

Waves Change Move

(c) Leo G Campbell       10/5/2016       http://www.leocamwrites.com

Waves Change Move

– Swear To God Love –

Polishes Clean The Wind Screen Wind Shield

At Least One Found

In This Dram

I Mean Dream

– Salt Water Love –

How Many Waves – I Mean –

My Salty Tears Your Yours

As Was As My Water Land –

‘N How High

Grew Waters Bye

Any I Can Discover Here

Or After

I May Die –

Wher’ Wer’ The Indisposed The


Ones You Know –


– Mystical Kiss Shall We –

Mystic Kiss

Sitting My Ass Wet Sand


Last Salt Water Was Fresh –

Wave Receding –

Needing More Nothing Here

Score Th’ Sand

In Uniform’d Rubber Sandy

‘N Diddling

Th’ Sand In The Land

Mystical Crysler Imperial Detroit Car

Clear Crystal That

Iz Crystal Car Crysler Dolsen Clear

With – Th’ Las’ Mr/Mrs/Ms Death – I Met –

How Many Turns ‘N Dives –

Trillions Of Sea ShitBird Cries

Wet Suited

Shall I Well Endure

– Salt Water Love –

Ways – Curl Moving Curling –

Ever’ Small, Little Thing – Time

Been Light Night ‘N Day –

Can Any Water – Sin

As Many Man Can –

Hiz Best Tan – Man –

‘N Say – Th’ Water – Does The

Ritual Rippl’ng So Many Waters Of

Loving Love Making

Every Taking Wave

Also Leaves After Passing –

The Last Wake – With The Final Last Wave –

Mebbe Takening’n Token Awakening  –

“Hands Free Mom – Here, Hold My Beer ” As

I Just Last – Showed You

Strangeing Things – Strange People Take –

Waves Change Move

Baptizing – Then When’n

Done Which –  That Way

And Who The Whom – Many Love

Waves Change


Call It The Calvrie – & The 7th Wave

– Salt Water Love –

God Save

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