Is It Raining Upstairs

Is It Raining Upstairs

(c) Leo G Campbell       10/11/2016

Is It Raining Upstairs

Portland Oregon, Listens T’ –

The –  USA ‘N Th’ Country

KUSA – Radio T’ VidEo

We Mebbe Feature KUSA

Regular Octane GasOLineie – ‘R

Super Test So –

Go The Rocket Power


Shall Goe —

Back To

‘A N’vr Never

Luck Lend AM FM Land


‘N Glower

Upstare Stares’n Here

Lick Me

M’Dere ‘Oh

Th’ Light Can’n Duz Eat Me –

‘N GawdSwalloe Swallow Yew

Sounds Time Passages

Chang Tang Ring

‘A Pounding Th’

Silver & Gold True

‘N Does It Do Dew –

Tew Yew Th’ Thing

Diamonds & Rings

Used Well

Brings So To You –

Listening T’ Th’ Floors Overhead

Creak Do Now ‘n

Have Been Dew Do Due

Lead Bullets Race Across

Journey Down

Yet It Is

‘Er Wuz So

Ringing In My

Sinning To & –

– ‘A Bringing

With You

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