Record Of Our Say

Record Of Our Say

(c) Leo G Campbell       10/21/2016

Record Of Our Say

Itll Come Out

Fleshed –

All Rightly Flushed One Day –

Just Like

The Olde People – Saye

‘Bout Ye JudgeMental Daye z –

We In Both Faces As We –

Speak At Each Other Only

Our Eyes –

We Can See Immediately

You Yes

You Change Your Face

So Fasst – It Just Zooms Past –

Lightning Electric Zig Zag Again

Again And On The Hour –

Both Our Words Mix & Interface &

Satan So

Too Poor

Th’ Ampersand…

QuickSand To The Mind –

Died Yes – T’was Three

Days Ago

That Ol’ Devil Did Die Here –

T’was Superceded By

BlueBell Flies With Wings

Clouding Chantimg

By SurroundWhy

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