Meecha Later Dad

Meecha Later Dad

(c) Leo G Campbell       11/3/2016

Meecha Later Dad

In The

– Mean Be Timste – MeanBeTimest

So –

Mene Be Those Timest Be

Th’ Best I

Ever Never Had

Than Yew Dad –

I Brrinng You Here

Ringing Long RingA – Dingy

Distance Bell Hell

Connecting Yew Tew –


As We

Do A


Ya Hooh Raw U

Tew T’ Th’

Wall Written ‘Pon –

Einsteins Water Fall


Whelp’d ‘n Help’d- Us – All

Waltzzzing  T’ween Tough ‘N True

‘N Here Is –

‘A Look’n

Atch Yew’n

Could That Be


Possible Blew Bley Blue Away

Eh True

Wuz ‘A Grey Day

Holy Or Holiday

Miss-Believ’d Only ‘A Few Times ‘O

So They Say At

Whut Th’ Wuz Sed Ded TrU

Meecha Later Dad

Best Ever Never Had

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