Plot Outline: LinCity 2016

(c) Leo G Campbell       11/7/2016

Plot Outline: LinCity 2016:

A  Hawthorne Dist – 2 dealers in Mercedes lose wallet w $$ and storage key. Sober next am, they try to salvage. Unit has $2 mil inside, in 2 holdall carry bags. The dealers next day, try to save the $$

B  The 2 bags are stolen, taken to Taft, then south to the sand spit road entrance. Then stashed in a storage shed, next to a McMansion, somewhere north. A large storm w big waves, washed out a “gully” right there, the next day. Taft story of old realtor in 1973 saying, he saw big logs in the sand spit – the spit can be washed away anytime. At final, the big storm washes all the McMansions away, except for the north one, owned by ?

C  Fred & John drive into LinCity, north at the McDonalds intersection. They go inside, order burgers, discuss any plans.

D  F J arrive at Taft, see the sand spit across the bay, decide to ‘case’ the big rich houses, some must be empty, vacation days are over, may be good things to steal.

E  F J find the gully, the shed’s door is now askew, F J find the 2 carryall bags, zip open w flash, take the bags to the van, go back to Taft.

F  Lighthouse – 2 teens Asian boy 15 yrs, white girl 16 yrs – in HS class together, only friends, in same science class. Are breaking into the seaward side of the lighthouse, low window – can climb in using a 12 ft ladder. Inside, they ascend the winding staircase, set up their Fred Meyer drone (4 prop) – a strong wind — they launch the drone anyway, it crash lands on the car roof to the BLM security patrol car below. Two patrolmen get out, find ladder around back, open window, climb in, catch the two teens. Since Its a BLM park, the FBI ofc in Newport? is called, teens wind up at the FBI ofc.

G  Capn’s/Cap’s House – Roads End – The FBI agent calls Cap, come pick up the teens, take them home / parents? – Cap drives to FBI ofc, takes teens to his antique/coll store in Oceanlake. Store is new? remodeled. Teens explore while Cap is busy.

Description inside store, layout, hot tub larger, sits 6, on roof. old radios softly  play different stations AM/FM in different rooms, all run at a master station. Improved solar panels assist a wind powered turbine Cap has out on beach ? at the tiny Ore State Park nearby?

H   Hot Tub Oceanlake ‘ Store Name? – Scenes 

I  Regular patrons

Cath local parish priest, Cap’n Frank (US Marine chaplain in Viet Nam).

Digital tape recorder – hidden in confessional fo a week over the Labor Dat, hundreds of confessions were ‘stolen’, Fr Cap’n Frank brings the blackmail problem to Cap. Notifies the bishop in Portland. Has several open group confessions conducted, everybody stands in church, declares their prior confessed sins, all mumble.

Catholic parish 4 ‘un-naked’ ladies – never any patron’s dress or not is never mentioned – around Oceanlake, every body wonders?

J  – Final Later Scene – F J and John break into the back of the Lighthouse, are going to stash most of the loot somewhere inside. Meanwhile, a strong storm has come up, F J are up on top of the lighthouse, with the 2 bags. Fred opens the first bag, John says something? sets Fred into his usual screaming fury, Fred straightens up, both his big hands ate clutching $$, John says, Fred screams and throws the $$ up, the wind takes the cash. Tussle – Fred dumps the rest of the first bag’s $$ into the stormy winds atop the Lighthouse. John had already unzipped bag 2, while tussle w Fred, John’s right foot steps back, tips over the bag, the $$ spills out, the wind takes it all, one or 2 packets every second. All the $$ is gone, into the dark storm – into the night skies above Newport.

K  Epilogue – Cap & Cap’n Frank in Roads End smaller hot tub. Recap the preceding events –

What happened to all the 2 $$ million in 100 $ bills – was blown north from Newport to Roads End – Cap found 1 bill in his Roads End hot tub.

Over the “20 Miracle Miles” ? Total Of ? many single 100 $ bills? compared to LinCity winter population – all are looking, searching – city nearly ‘shut down’ for 2 days.

2 Teens going to ? college? Portland?

Fred & John – arrested on top of Lighthouse that night, but no evidence of the $$ left, so they are released from jail.

Fred wants to go to Seattle for their monthly flea market, but John tells him, we’re going to LA, for the huge nice weather flea maket, they get in the van, stop at the McDonald’s again, sit inside, Cap driving by, sees their van, goes inside to say goodbye.



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