Soul Search Clandestine

Soul Search Clandestine

(c) Leo G Campbell     11/22/2016

Soul Search Clandestine


A Soul – For

Beautie’n –

Better Wait For It –

– ‘Blues Brothers 1980′,

A Police Car Carry

Away To

River Th’ Water

Gets Next T’ You


Baptizing Something

Each Time –

Simply Good

‘N Go –


Get, Proper


Raven Quothe – Never And


For –

‘N – “We’re On A Mission From God” –

Mission From God

DVD My Soul


Is It My

Mission From God –

– O Bless Me –

Caress Little Mie

What Else,

T’ Possibly Be

Now –

– Our Christ, Jesus

Holy God, Days –

My Soul Its Ways

Soul Search – Clandestine –

Silence Heard, Enjoin

‘N Then – Re’ Turned —



Darn – Reason

‘N My Own – Lonesome Soul


Oeuvre To

I Can Fly, Do I

Step In To The – Tornado

Whirling Chances, To Dance –

– Get Back ,Jack, That –

Lands Near Th’ End


DMD Zone

Hostile Landing Zone

Better Left, Than Then

Let Th’ Dead Bury

Maybe This Time

Get Back Right, In

Th’ Close, So In, Sight ‘O God-

Satan – Now Go

‘N In My Writings

“Lucifer Light”

Bad Angel, In

Sin & Lies

Mind Th’ Quicksand The Ampersand

The Gates of Hell – There

You Shall Be

Honestly & Fairly

All, Human Souls, By

Almighty God His Trinity,

Loving, Gently Sensitive

And Commands Of God –

Lucifer Light-

Step Back – Get Back

Get Thee – Behind Me, Satan

Hie Thee To Not, A Nunnery –


And Beyond, All Eternity

Leave The Earth – Into Oblivion

Ride Out On

Your God Curse, Satan –

Human Soul As I Be

Satan Get Back

Howl Fire Hell Fire-

I May Can See

Eternity, Satan Bad Angel

Lucifer Light


So Go Have

A Bad Angel

Very Bad


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