Cold And Sober Morning

Cold And Sober Morning

(c) Leo G Campbell        11/24/2016

Cold And Sober Morning


Good’n, Bad Folks, Will


& Get Th’

Get Go – To

Not Get – To Pass – Go

Little French Girl, Will Sweep

To You ‘A Big – Au Contrare

Watch As She Merely

Sweeps The Waters… Tiny Rippl’n

Tiny Waves

– Ehhhe

Confiere –

– See It Written

– On Her Wall –

Th’ Usual, People Will Weeepe

Eh –

‘N Die – Away, Today

Will It Be Mearley

– Cheep Thrill

To Belong, Finaliee – To

Wher-Ever’a, You


La, Stupid La La, Yew

Get’n T’ Be –

In Eternity

– Mikey Kam,

– Jimmie-Jam’n,

– Tinia Tam,

– Susie Q’n,

Mebbe You, Eh –

– Simply Cannot

Come Out


& To

Play, Today –

Quoth, Th’, Fxxk’n Raven –


– Soaling

Sober’n Cold, They May Be

When They Come

Out, To Die –

Step ‘R Strut, Threw,

T’was, Slowlee, Open’d –

Th’… Rawther Sacred, Door O’ Death

Open’d Bye –

Mr/Mrs /Ms Death, As…

Colde & Soberre, ‘A

Wake’d Up, Morning –

That’s Shurre… T’ Bee….

But – No… Off Fence (Sporting Term)

– My Best, To Th’ French –

For, Th’ Sake ‘N Beer’n –

But… Die? Eh God

May Speake Tew Me

Tew, Yew, My Simple Mieriee – –

Die? My Thanks.

Not Meee…

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