An Empty Door Of Time

An Empty Door Of Time

(c) Leo G Campbell     11/25/2016

An Empty Door Of Time

– Empty Oh

There See

Nor Rhyme Nor Reason –

Said Pope Saint Francis As He Sees

In High Argentine Popish Dudgeon

– At Least When Its In Seasoning

Rich Beyond My Memories

Try To Dream So High That You

Pass Bye Th’ Skye

Not Much Ever My Magic

Dawn Darling Wasn’t A Very Tragic

Was It Good Fer You, Too

As Good, I Mean

So Scotland Firth ‘O Faith

‘N May Scotland Pray And Be Here For

Nor My Die –

Last Rites Cast

Father Purgatory

Say, Come Here

Lucifer Satan Snake

Lucifer Light

Almighty God Has

Already Adjudge Judged You And

Now Yew Be

GirlsBoysTown & I Do Not Know’n Me

I’ll Sure Will Take Your



Frammary & Scottish & Irish

A High Style’d Very Quite

Dirty Rats Black ‘n Long Tailed

Scurried Up’N & Into T’ Heaven

There’s A Rat Heaven Too How

Nice For You Mebbe Yew

Any All Snakes Now In Ireland

Be There Too Eh So Long, Gone

Without ‘N Th’ Weren’t

On Th’ So-Called Noah’s Ark – Go Sumerian Gilgamesh

A Thousands Years Before &

Perhaps A Better Ark Story Fable Fantasy

Can It All Go Possibly Wrong

Maybe You

Beatle ‘d Silver England With Sterling Musical Isle

Found Us Poured Into Our Ears Our Reasoning Why

There That’s Th’ Thing

Human Reason Humaning

Silver Beatles Count As Many

– As You Can We Are All

Silver Beatles

Do We

Let It Be

Eh If Only Justly

Sorta A Janis Joplin Screech Strut

There You Go

God Bless Us All –

Thread With Gold

Ignorance Of The Law Is

Every Excuse Loose Goose


Past Midnite


Is Janus Janis She Is

Joplin’s Finest Day

Her Janis Joplin I Say Hi

Janis Janus Say You

Jump Into


ANewe Time In

All The Rolling Stones


‘A Swinging Open

Swish’n ‘N Spilling

Whiskey ‘N Get Down In Helltown

The Angels Human Saloon Bar

Down In Helltown

On Stage Again Again In Helltown With

There Down Th’ Bar

A Ways I See Thru Smoken Taken

In A Helltown Bar Saloon

Go Slow

It Is Its The

Angels / Humans Bar Saloon –

– Get Down In Helltown –

‘N Steal The Wells Fargo Stage Horses Too Tho’

Is There Even  A Hell For Wells Fargo As Long As It Go I Mean

It Goezz…

You Must Justly Just Ask Me

The Roam’n Diety Deity O’

The Doors The Doors Nite’n ‘N Day –


Jim Morrison Doors Swing Open

As They All Say –

How Yer Heroin Go Today

Just Like Yesterday

As And As They

See Through Doors Even

I Tweaked Th’ Feathers Twired To My Guitar That


Never Play At

When Yer Wired Ther’ My Fren’

I Better Say That Well & Better

See Enter & Leave Through

Thin Veils O’ Curtains I’ve Seen Them In

My Scene O’ Dreams Just As I Saw


Little Mewling Screams

Thot To Trot Right

‘O Where Else Could I Be

Your Land Of Fantasy Led Dreams

‘N Why Are They Over

There Keep Staring & Asking Me

Can Swing To Your

Little Ding Ding, There

That’s Th’ Thing

At Least Turn Your Ancient Key


Open It Eh

Chic Silver Justly Try To

Simply Drive That Car You See

T’Wasn’t My Car

It’s Th’ WhyOWhyO

There You Are Now


Much Time Do You Have

Look At Your Watch –

Touch It

Wasted Time –

– An Empty Door Of Time –

Bells Chime In My

Clime, Say – Preach Your

Little Zip

Code – In To The USA –

Zip Guns Come Out To Play

In & On


Cement PlayGrounds Why They

Cuss’d At The Last Little Big Horn

T’was Sioux City Twasn’t Pretty

– Detroit My Fine City

– Philly

Iowa’n Th’ Kiowa

– Celilo

Can’t They

Be Called To Something

You Do What That

Wasted Time Steps

Into Un



Becomes You

Waste Time Pick It

Up, Put It Righteously

Never Very Quite Religiously

At Least –


In The Trash, So, Such –

Wasted Time

Listen To

All The

Available Bells

Chime So Much


An Empty Door Of Time

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