Im Better By Thirds

Im Better By Thirds

(c) Leo G Campbell      11/30/2016

Im Better By Thirds

Procedure To

& Fro & Before

& From –

‘N Don’ Cha No

Blessings & Graciousness Of God

Well I Bet You

We So –

Can Dance-

– Better’n Me & Yew

UnTogether –

I Throw My Beer –

Pounders, 16 O-Zeez Ounces, 3.2% Beer Cans –

Pounder ‘O Beer, T’ Bee, – ‘ADrink’n

Rent’n, Then, The – Beer, Then We Piss Away –

Rainy-ier & Olymph-ia, (c)Seattle Good(c),

– As Mount Rainier –


Simply For

Our Washington Beerz, Eh –

Lager Beer


– Don’t Ask Me, If They Are Empty –

– Before I Throw ‘Em, Up ‘R Down

At The Birds –




Stomp The Foolish

Birds Can Grow

Toe Nails – To

Chew On – With Hens

Teeth, In The, The

– Absolute Dawn, ‘N The Sun –

O – Is This, Is It –

Th’ Last Rise ‘O Th’

SunSet Clawses Eh –

The Next – Before – The Next –

Hydro John Big

Gong Done Rung

Hydrogen Bomb Bid


Is It Wrong – – Bombast’d

B-52 Doors Opening –

– Being Into

Blown – Into The –

– Drop That Thing

Into –

Explosion – ‘N Rhyme It, To

Very Vera’ Bright Ultra


SunShine’d SunLight


‘O Rise ‘O Th’ Just ‘A

The Next

Sunrise We Wait For

Every Day –

Last Crack’d Up

T’ Bee

Semi Pink AntiQue

American Made

Mebbe Jeanette Glass, Eh –

Whiskey Jigger

Yer Sure T’, Get, More –

– In HellTown –

– Fer Yer Belch’n, Bad Breath,

Holler’n Beller’n & Dollar –

– At The Long Well-Open, Long – Bar –

More Better Than

Swinging Open – Death’s Door –

Mr/Mrs/Ms Death n- They Open, Close

The Door To Enter &

Pass Through – Death ‘N Enter, The & Our


Often Than More – ‘A

Lonely Bar –

‘Cept’n – Around The Bar’s

Shadows, As They, Lighten Darken

Roll’Tween Light

Roil’n Then’n, Shift – T’ & Do Th’ –

– Walk Down HellTown Street –

– Its Available, Just Down Th’ Street, From Them, Gates Of Hell –

– HumanAngelAngerBar – ‘N Saloon –

‘A FeatureIng – Its Famous,

Stage ‘O Rage, I Say, –

Dropp’d Off – Nay K’d-ick’d Off –

Crack’d, Semi-Pink, Corny Scorn’n Too’n Bad

The Bar

At Th’ Saloon – In HellTown –

Wher’ All Angels

Bad’n Good – Must Pay –

For All, Humans, Drinks. Why?

Justly Why – To Pay

Snatch’d Off Th’ Shelf

Try’n – T’ Keep It & Clean –

Th’ Isle ‘O SkyeScotland I Mean –

I Try Not To Stagger Right –

Least Not – SideWays – In The Scottish

UnGhosted Unlight(s) Eh

Try ‘A, Scottish Moon, Light In Th’

Black Scot Dark – Eh?

Left Mebbe Badlee Bugger’d

In My Swagger Fr’ A GreenBack’d Dagger

Back Fr’m Sin Eh I Say

Exactly Here

Is Whut I Mean –

Im Better By Thirds

Just Watch The Drunken

Whiskey Jigger’n Crack’d Too

Often Shined On To –

Beer-Canned, Then Pissed Away

As Do the People Pissing

Never Missing A Thing


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