Ive Not Been To Church I

Ive Not Been To Church I

(c) Leo G Campbell      11/30/2016       http://www.leocamwrites.com

Ive Not Been To Church I

Sometimes Stagger A Bit

Whilst Crossing Th’ Freddy Meyer –

Sold It T’ Krogers But Us


Bitch Piss’n Whine ALot Eh Just

Kick Arsde Eh – Kindly In Parking Lot

Know That He Waits There For Me

I See Him Not Much

– At Church I See Well Dressed People

Some Folks Too – But

NoBody Looks

Like Me –

Shaggy, Unkempt, StillDrunk’n

Still Drinking Whilst

HungOver –

My Jesus On His

Or Is Both Ours Or

Partly Mine?

Come To My Church Sweet Jesus There I Wish For You

I Would Not Demand You If I Please

God Is My CoPilotLawyer

Not Kept –

– From Harm To

Poor More On –

Their Love

Poor At The Mouth As They

Say To ‘N Fro So – Not Scraggy

– ‘R Shaggy Nor

– Disgraced – Is That All To All That All

Welcome Here Sure As

In New York

Ive Not Been To

Felt The WhipSawed

WhipLashed Rules Common Sense

Many Multiple Tines To That Tune ‘O Fork n

Forre – Many Long Years Long Times

I Pray To Him

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