Do The Least Harm

Do The Least Harm

(c) Leo G Campbell       12/2/2016

Do The Least Harm

Dragon – On My Arm


Death & Taxes

To Do Better, Only Divine


Almighty God Can –

– Holy Moly Holy So –

Shit, Still Slides –

Uphill –

Steady, As The Shit Goes, Bye –

Passeth Far Beneath The

Nicest Scots, Th’ Scottish Heath –

A Nice

Scottish, Shittish, Passover



As The PassUnder Flows –

A Nice Dragon


Churns Asunder –

Away Amigo, We Do, The

In-Flowering –

The Irish –

Go To –

Get To –

– Th’ Isle ‘O Skye –

– Isle ‘O Man –

Where Ever ‘N The Bestest

You Can – So

Go And Do, & – No Harm –

Or Mebbe See, In Scottish Culture,

And Christian Say,  That

Yew Dew Th’ Leastest –


At Such Feasting In –

Dragons Way So I –

And –

– Do The Least Harm, Doc

– As Yew, Cut Off My Arm

Left Th’ Right 1 U Think –

As You, Cut’n Saw’n, See –

Saw – Clean Off – The Cut – Doc

Teeter Taw Totters

Th’ Bloody –

Simply Getting Off, On

On My Dragon

My Arm, Then –

Do The Least Harm

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