Emily Dickinson Glad

Emily Dickinson Glad     12/2/2016      http://www.leocamwrites.com

Emily Dickinson Glad

– An Earliest Poetess America –

We America’n

– CokeCola

Be Glad Too –

Happy Holidays!

Actually, Skip The Merry –

Possibility Of  – Christmas, Seek

And Pray, Both Today, & Then –

– Have Happy Christmas At A Jesus Christ Mass –

All My WordPress Readers Who Be

Emily Dickinson Glad

She Is Having Her Nicest Christmas, That

Emily She, Never Had Before –

‘N Heres Reading You

‘N Try’n 2 B Writing My

Poetry = To ‘N Too 2 Times –

Dearest Emily:

– I Am Fine’n

– How Arew You’n

How Did You Do Before –

That Busyness To Die?

– I See You, All The Time


At The HellTown Bar ‘N Saloon –

Where All Bar &

Table Drinks

Are Free’n Served

‘N Bourne –

Poured By Angels

For Mostly


& Their Souls, Are There Both


Some Times

With Better Rhymes

So, Miss Emily Gets Up –

Off Her Stool, At The Bar,

Carefully Thanks Her Angel

– Behind The Drinks Bar – And


The Bar Stage ‘O Rage

– Quoth The Raven:

–     – “Heeers Emily ! ! ” –     –

1x B 4 Upon Her Churchyard Tombstone

And Now Here –

“Heeers Emily ! !”

And All

The Bar Cheered

Just To See

‘N Hear Our Dear Emily

Speak Her Poetry


The Bar Stage Of Rage

Down At

The Angels Humans HellTown

Bar Saloon

Just Outside ‘N

– Down The Street Of Hell Town

– Outside The Gates Of Hell

Where The –

– Dear Miss Emily Get Down –

Is Held, & Had, & Has, & Holds –

Emily Dickinson Glad

– See Happy Jesus At A Christ Mass –

Emily Dickinson Glad


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