Huugee – Squiggie Why Have A Hugeee

Huugee – Squiggie Why Have A Hugeee

 – Wy Nott All I Got –

(c) Leo G Campbell      12/3/2016

Huugee – Squiggie Why Have A

Mex Rev ‘O Lou Shunn…

Collegee De GreeeeDei

Why O Why

– Is For To – Hand ‘Oer

To Mee A

Bles’t Joint –


Th’ Sheep Skin –

The Sheeep Skinny ShinShinnie’d



Nekk’d ‘N Wooleee – Is

Fer Sail Sea Salt

For Sale –

Why Nott Izz All

I Gott

Dik Inn –

Twew Too You Is A Gang

Pull’n Yer… Train…

Training Wheel Trainn… Personal –

Confeeydential –

With Thoust Often I See

B Cuz Here Got New Money

A Crescendo –

Surge My Ears Into –

Old Lanterns Checked

At Midnight –


The Fear Of Fire Burn –

Down, Get Downn

Is Itt Burn’n –

– Fort’n New Amsterdam –

– A Whole Town –

Burnt Down

Sort Like –


Gett Downnn

Manhatten –

– Fort ‘N Newe Amsterdam –

Made To Order

For Fire & By –

– WoodTown –

– 1624Manhattan Street NYC

My Brain Listens


Thoughts Not Selfish Tolerated

Encircled By Th’ US

In Mee

Bless My

Own Brain Eh

How Far Off – They Swaying

Th’ Program,

I Mean, Programmed Eh ?

Not How The

People Sway Eh – Eh Be Sincerely

Free Eh

Huggee Squiggile Wouuggiee

Wouldd Wee Wantt Too –

Yew Say Sex Free Sex Eh


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