Interesting Things & We

Interesting Things & We

(c) Leo G Campbell     12/3/2016

Interesting Thing O  Things

& We

Blink’n Think’n


In Ourre Warp’d

Speedy Stone Done Pony –

Thank Me I Count’d

Back Fr’m

South Asia, Too –

– Interestings –

Internal Testings

Belated, Related – Bled To

& We Mite B

Fkk’d If –

We Ride It In To Russia

Sum 1 –  Goz..

Off… Th’ Clifff – Napoleon

In A Doggy Bag’n

In A Fren’c’d Poodle Done

Out On Our White Horse

Long Lawn House, White –

Be Cause

& Yer Better Colors


Is It A She Is

Named For Stony –

Sony, Pony, & Interesting Things –

Stony Sony Bony Pony Pohnee…

And We

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