Satan Ain’t Saint’n Sinnn’n, See…

Satan Ain’t Saint’n Sinnn’n, See

(c) Leo G Campbell       12/21/2016

Satan Ain’t Saint’n Sinnn’n See…

He Be You See Satan Was Jus’ Created – By

Almighty God

Satan’s Master, His Teacher, His Creator, – Eh

Satan’s Guide, Thru The Wilderness – ‘O Reality

How Does Satan Even Love The Dark –

Did Not Know… That…  Angels Wank…

An Angel, Created By His God –

As Done – For U & Me… Hee

Satan Saintd’d, Lucifer Be…

Now…. I Name Thee’b

– “Satan Instead” –

– “It’s Lucifer Light Instead” –

Lucifer Light…

An Angel Then Bad Angel, Too –

Is An Actor In HellTown… Near The Gates Of Hell…

The Angel Human Bar & Saloon…

Where Angels Only

Can Buy The Drinks

Humans Drink

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