Christmas Eve – Revised – Lucifer Light Strode Out The Gates Of Hell

Christmas Eve – Revised – Lucifer Light Strode Out The Gates Of Hell

(c) Leo G Campbell       12/22/2016        2/20/2015

Lucifer Light Strode Out The Gates Of Hell

Was Time, By God –

Lucifer Light, In Dread –

Knew Evil, But Little Control

Of The Dead

They Were Another


An Invitation Of Commanding


Lucifer Light

To Attend The Shepherds’ Flock

For Tonight The

Christmas Eve, Was Here –

While During That

Christmas Eve Night –

Christ Jesus Was Born –

There, In A Manger

To Mary –

Joseph Prayed For Them

Lucifer Light, Who Stood, Outside

In The Shadows, Feeling

Foolish – Him An Angel – Altho’ A Bad One

So What –

– A Great Hate, Reluctance, Envy

– From, Of…

Furious, That He, Was A Witness, To

– The Arrival – & The Birth, Opening To –

– The Great – Cry, Of Jesus Cries –

The Birth, & The Resurrection –

Of God & Man


Out In The Cold, Was A Lamb –

Hard To See, Wobble Little Spindly Legs

Ungainly –

The Little Lamb Out In That Cold,

Stood Silently

As If Waiting –

In The Dim Outer Light

Lucifer Light –

He Could Not Stop Himself, He –

Bent, And Picked Up, The Radiant Radiating


– Of Almighty God

– Lamb Of God

Who Takes Away, The Sins, Of The World –

He, Lucifer Light – Was, Now –

Just Now, Was Touching… Trembling To

– Almighty God

– Again…

As When, Lucifer The Good Angel, Was Born –

Then Condemned, By God –

Turned Into – A… A… Satan –

Carefully, The Lamb Of God

Held, Fearfully, Now

By, Lucifer Light –

Waiting… Fearfully, & Then –

In Real Trembling & Fear &

Terror Of & For… The… Wrath

Of God

By Lucifer Light, ‘A Trembling…

Waiting… Then…

The Good Angels Came Gently, With Song –

Took The Sacred, Lamb Of God

Up, So Very, Very, High –

Rose Up Through To

The Radiant Radiating Sky

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