Tired & Tried & Untied

Tired & Tried & Untied

(c) Leo G Campbell       12/25/2016

http://www.leocamwrites.com       http://www.leocam2@msn.com

Tired & Tried & Untied


– “Guns

– “Bigg… Mass… Killings –


Male, With, Penis – So… Small” –

Reuters & CNN – Fer Starters –

Start’d It All –

“Hitler, Germany, WWII –

A Nazi, Hitler, Of Autopsy,

“Hiz Left, Still On, Hizz Testicle, Wuz, Nazi, All”… –

‘N We… Hang’d,

“In Italy, Mussolini – WWII… –

Upside, ‘N, Downn…”

He Tried, Mebbe He Cried, Still

‘Twas An – UpSide

2 B Well Hang’n, & Hung –

Down I

Guess To – 2 B A Really… Man,

Then, Why

Pull A Bigger Trigger,

Mebbe – Drive – Yer Truck, Whilst

‘A Wank’n, Then,

Thru, A Crowd –

To Make, Up For, Fer Yer

Little Cat’s Pittle, That Izz

& Wuz, All…

– Pokes, His… Gunn… Still,

Wants To

Danz & Shute, & Kill –

Real People

Here – Else


– Planet Earth – Say, We – Give

It All A

“Wake Up!” – Mo Fo

– Go To Hell.

– Then,

If You Can,

Handle, That – Hell,

&, Then:

– “Heere’s – Yer – Biggest

– WakeUp, Mo Fo!” –

Tired & Tried & Untied –

– Drop Your Gun’n

& Feel Ur Sagging, ‘A Gagging,

Tiny Penis, Yer

Feelings, Wanking… Of Diminuty –

Try’n, 2 B, Killing

Women And Children –

Shopping Malls –

– Drop Yer

– AK-47

– Colt M15

They MissFired

Th’ NRA… Checks Loads

Can Th’ NRA MissFire Desire –

MBA, Horse Asses, &

U R Lost

All Fired, & Check

Yer Clips, Yer Ammo… Gone…

But, Not The Horse’s Shit –

Take Yer Bullet,

Little Penis Man,

‘Tween Diminutive Eyes..

Mebbe, Like ‘Ol Harvey… Oswald…

Tired & Tried & Untied

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