Writes Intoose Th’ Nights

Writes InToose Th’ Nights

(c) Leo G Campbell       12/24/2016

http://www.leocamwrites.com       http://www.leocam2@msn.com

Writes Intoose Th’ Nights


May Be Quites

My Pretty –

Sights, Here

Mebbe Time –

Fer Th’ Bar –

A Re-Light’d Fag, & A Beer…

Faggots Stand & Very Cleere

Cheere Their Waye Fro & To –


– Intoose Try It

Nev’a Loose – Yer Wat’r –

In ‘R On – My Shoose –

Heere’s Johnny!!

Rode in His Blackie Pony

Intoose –

The Nights, With

No Snoose -This Time


Writes On

Intoose The Nights

Summat Sublime

Every & All Time


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