Cabin Feverish

Cabin Feverish

(c) Leo G Campbell       1/1/2017

Cabin Feverish

This I Know –

Because –

I – Simply, Hate Snow –

Snow Is Not, Where

To ‘Brate – Any – New Year

– Crappy New Year, In

The Snow –

I Got, In My Cabin, In

My Feverish – I Got

Black – Licorice, Red – Strings, Too

I Braid Them, Together To

Into Lengths – Eat

Them, In My Frozen Car –

But, Them

Licorice Strings, Melt-

As I, Then –

Sit, By My Fire

– In My Easy Chair

– I’m Finally There

– Where – It’s Warm –

& Ho! Tasty

“Red & Black Licorice Melt”

Melted So Swell –

On, Oh Upon

My Sweater, But…

No Snow, But Yew…

May Notice, In

My Photo Above, I Mean

My Cabin, At The Beach

Has Ice, Sure, I Slip

Bust My Ass, At Th’ Beach, But

It’s My… Ice, & I Can –

– It’s Very Clean, Just Like –

– Th’ Beatles “Hard Days Night” –

– Paul’s Little Old Man –

Cabin Feverish

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