When Do We Kill The Nazis

When Do We Kill The Nazis

(c) Leo G Campbell      1/1/2017



When Do We Kill The Nazis

We See

Them Ever’ Day

The Rest Of The Nazis –



We Say, We…

Will… Kill… Them…

Off’d – Eh

Fr’m – Our Planet


We Try To


All Of Them, I

Gotta Ver’a

Bigg… Gunn…

‘N A Christian…


– &



For Ever,

So, Ever


I –

Scribe, ‘Bout,

God, God Jesus –

& Holy God Trinity –

– Then I,

– Hafta’ See

– Hitler & Hiz

Strutt’d, Swastik’d



Thanks To God,

Hiz Own

Tiny Suicide –

– Hitler’s Fear, Of Russia –

– Red Army, – Th’ Revenge Waiting…


Nazi Hitler – Was Planned,

– In Berlin –

Little Hitler, Hiz

Next, Future,

Long’d For –

2 B Dragged From His Nazi Bunker…

– Hitler’s Extreme,

– Exquisite, Long –

Russian, Torture…

Plann’d –

Sending A

Ded Hitler – To Hell &


Th’ Nazi,

Third Reich, &

Army, The Bastards,

– ‘Mong All

Th’ Lonngg… List, ‘O –

Their, Nazi Murdering, Sins –

– Terror Torture Misery

– All Nazi, Brought, Bought


From –

The Satan, Devil

To Humanity –

– Our

Former Good Angel



Our Enemie –

They –

– Had,

Starved To Death, One Million –

Of, The Russian People –

Count Them,

All –

In One

Russian, City… 1943…

– AllTheDead

In Leningrad –

– All Rotting, All The Bodies…

– All – Starved – To Death,

– By, The Nazis –

– All, The –

Russians, Were


Just, Civilian Citizens –

All Every One.

Of Them, Killed – Murdered

Starved –

In, Leningrad,

All Starved, – To Death –

Old Men, Women, & All

The Children –

Starved –

– Say,

U – Putin, U –

Cannot U Care, At All For,

U B –

U B KGB, Eh?

Say To, U Putin, To ?

Can U Say, O, Boyo

Can U See – All The

– Starving Rus

Pain Is Cheap, As When Does

– Rus Blood, Be With –

Moscow & Russian,

Rainy, Snowy, Russian Red Blood

Rain –

Drains Down To

A Dirty Filthy, Bloody

Our Rus My Russia Rain Pan – A Putin

U, Be – So… Loud – I Mean. Proud Can

Then… Will U, Putin,




U Otta’ –

Wake Up, Now –

Never Forget, Hitler &

Suicide, Eh?

Putin – Nod – At Least, To –

Awaken U – To

The Rus Dead,

Russia & Leningrad – Eh?

What Do

– All Th’ Russia, Peoples

Say? – Eh?

Out Of Respect,

For, Mother Russia,

Putin –

Nazis – Little Donny’s –

In Yer Future… Hell..

In The Ukraine? Eh?

– “Stubby Donnie” – “Dickie Little”, –

Putin –

– Yew – Try 2 B A Riser

– So When

Do We Kill –

– The Rest Of Them

– Drive Them, To Hell…

Th’ Very, Last, Of The

Already Dead, Now –

– When Do

– We Kill The Rest Of The Nazis?

Why – At God Speed –

Almighty God’s Already

Full Speed Ahead

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