Even In Those Days

Even In Those Days

(c) Leo G Campbell      1/2/2017

http://www.leocamwrites.com      www.leocam2@msn.com

Even In Those Days

We Had… Trailer Trash

– Trailers… In

PickUp, Trailer Parties

In – Park’d, & Trailer’d,

Drunk’n Drunk’d – People

Park’d… To

Listen’n T’

Th’ Din – Th’


‘O Sometimes Good Sound

Radios –

In Gooder, In Good Years

Gooder, Music’n News –

– Buddy Holly Mebbe Plugg’d His Ears

– Any Way…

– Sometimes Bad, I Aye, I Tweaked It

Th’ Music, Away –

From Freak

Th’ – Drink-Drunk…

– Sports, & Drunks

– Staggering With

Th’ Swaggerring Sway

– Druggies

– B – Beach, Bee Kinie’d, & Winos, Weirdos –

Beer Trailer’d,

Someone’s Wives, & Th’ Boys

‘N Toys Sometimes Just Joy Friends –

Thrown Away – Crush’d

Beer Canz –

Just So, I Can… I Watch While I

Watch Color TV

– Crush Sump’n, ‘N Mebbe

– Stomp’n U…

– Drunken, From…

NFL, FootBalls, & Parties –

– ‘N Trailer Stash

Those Days Recollect

Those, ’60s ’70s ’80s

– Very Strange, Ways Trash’d

Long, Belonging, Longing –


Hippie Airs, Long Hairs, Dancing

– All Busy, Romancing

– Smoking, With Dopes

Strange… Waves…

Immediate Ways… I

Wined… & Some…

Immediately, LSD…

Then… Swirling, Then,

Creep’n, Images … Of…

Surreal, Imaging, –

Luv’n U Themselves…

Imagining – inng… DrifTinng…

Mebbe Zereo ‘O


My Fav’rite Thing?

– Th’ USA, Entire – The Empire

– Citizenrie… Whoo –

– We – All B

Ther – “In County” –

In Some 1’s Trank Version ‘O –

Vieet Namm…

Hav’ Yer HappieHippie Boogie…

YippieTime, In County, With

– Yer Viet Nam, Wham… –

– Wham Bam ‘N Thank Yew Nam –

U… GI – U Can Die Noww… –

– Now, That You, Have Come –


Those, ’60s, ’70s, 80s, Inn…

Viet Nam ‘R So…

O Whu’t A Fukk’n Werlld…

Whirrl’d By & Too – Such Of…

Themselves… Walter Disney Sent Them, To

Cartoons, To Mee…

Here, I

Wanta Dance, Prance, Mebbe –

Upon Yer Gallows –

That Litt’l Tiny Dropp’n Door Fer

Tew Dew –

Yer Rage –

Is It Rilleiee… Yer Last Stage?

Is it Rilly “A Stage Of Rage” Like

In HellTown’r, – NYC, Harlem?


Get Down – To –

Near – The Gates Of Hell

Wher’ All

The, Good’n Bad… Angels

Buy, All Th’ Humanity, – Drinks

Not Ev’r Take

Anything EverMore From


Not… Ev’n Any, Chance…

So Fer, Yer, Last, Dance…

‘Pon Th’ HangMans, Rope – There

Wanta Dance?

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