I Never Rode A School Bus

I Never Rode A School Bus

(c) Leo G Campbell     1/8/2017

http://www.leocamwrites.com     http://www.leocam2@msn.com

I Never Rode A School Bus

In All My

Entire, Life –

& At

My Catholic School –

My Parents, Paid –

& We Were Not Jewish –

A Very Hefty, Tuition –

– “No, A No ” Was Said

– “No, Public, Taxes – We Public, No Pay ! No Way ! ”

“All The Public”, Th’ Law Said, So…

– Not Much’r

Nothing, For Our, Any

But Our Parents Paid, All ‘O

Th’ Their, Taxes ‘N –


– Any Way Nothing

For Not Much, For – No Publick School

– Our School Building, & Heating It, Repairing It

– No “Pro – Publick, Paid” – No… “Salaried”, Teachers 4 Us

– No, My, & All Them Schoolbooks, I Studied, Took Back’n Forth

– My School Lunches, My Brown Paper Bag

– My Required Student Uniforms

– No Band, No Financed, Instruments

– No “Shop”

– No “Arts” &

– No “Crafts”

– No Gymnasium,

– No Playing Field… Some Few Sports

– No, Anybody – Were Th’ Coaches

– No School Bus

For Any Part Of Our

“Catholic”,,, …

Grade School, Students… Us –

Just Fifty, Count’m – 50, Each

Catholic Christian, Kids… In

Each, Every… Catholic, Classroom…

With Parents With, Already Paid

All, Their Taxes – Now Is – A Real,

Funny, Florida Law Deal –

Today, Say – No!! More…

In Any –

Flo-Ree-Da, Numbered Students

In Our Publick, Classrooms –

We B – John, Flo-Ree-Da, Th’ Law – So

No More Kids, In Every Classroom –

Publick Students, Than – In Florida 18 ! ! !

So Where Was, Aye, Eh

– Because Of The Nuns

– The Priest In The Church I –

Got –

A Very Very, Good Education –

An Excellent Education, But…

In All My, Entire Life

Between Us


All ‘O That…

I Never Rode A Publick School Bus

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