When… All Th’ Angels…

When… All Th’ Angels…

(c) Leo G Campbell     1/9/2017

http://www.leocamwrites.com       http://www.leocam2@msn.com

When… All Th’ Angels…

“Carry Me Home”, – Naw



Angels’l, Sinfully Arrive,

Do A Muster

Semi-Angelic, Cluster So


To Carry –

Curry Me –

To An – Angel’s

Frog March, Me…

In… To Some,

Kinda In

Like Th’ CIA, Acting, In Sin –

Ah, Angel Jail –

“A Little Hell”

In The

Best-, Better-, Never

& Lesser, Ways –

Much Less, Then Lost, For

U Me’n –

Angel Hell…

Satan, Th’ Bad Angel,


Bad Evil Angel, I Call

“Lucifer Light”,

Leave Him, God Love ‘m, Satan

To – God &

All The Angels

Of Any

Angel Universe, Any Love –

Lucifer Is Lost Without Light –

– “Lucifer Light”

Lucifer Light Needs

The Light Of God To Live

Ask Him In Dark Ask Again When

Him Be In The Light

When… All Th’ Angels Arrive

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