Does God Believe Me

Does God Believe Me

(c) Leo G Campbell       1/18/2017

Does God Believe Me

I Nailed, To The Same

Christian Cross, As He –

When I Pray

I – Mebbe Wonder – Jesus’ Thoughts

With Pain –

Days After Days –

I Pray So

Jesus Christ Says, “Pray Always”-

He B –

Th’ Holiest

Onliest Quight A Christian –

T’was Baptized Too – Sir St John The Bap


Man & Son U Know –

That Even

Why, I So Mebbe Sob

B Th’ 1



The Father God…

God Is !

As, I Hear

I Heard It, I Say…

So, I Pray As Much,

So Much, Of – Of Always, Today –

Every Is Always – A Fine Day, As I May See –

Can –

– No, Not A Super Man…

– Mebbe, Adam Man… Can…

We All’n B Luv’n Hiz

Gold ‘N Yellow, & Chemical… “Man Tan”…

Eve Sang To Her Adam, It Becxame

Distilled By So Many Dreams…

I Stand, I Try & I… Wonder…

Does God Believe Me

How Long Is An Eternity

Waiting For Proper Word… Truth’n …

Does God Ever Believe Me

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